The 3 Signs Your Home May Not Be Secure Enough This Christmas

Seriously, who has time to worry about security this Christmas? There’s enough to worry about, right? You’ve got to make the house spotlessly clean, inviting and beautiful for when your mother-in-law gets here (because if she sees a speck of dust, you know she’ll have a passive aggressive comment to make about it). You’ve got to navigate a busy high street with your arms loaded with presents. You’ve got to somehow hide those presents from the prying eyes of your kids because, y’know, they’re from Santa (if only he’d pick up the tab for them). You’ve got to make sure the pantry is loaded with food for Christmas dinner and go to the health foods store to find alternatives for the vegan, vegetarian and gluten free members of the family!


Image by Pixabay

Surely, that’s enough to worry about, right?

Well, sure it is. But to overlook your home’s security this Christmas is to face the very real risk of your holiday being ruined by a theft or home entry. Is it really worth that risk? While you can get down to to pick yourself out a top of the line new home security system, often home security is as simple as being extra vigilant. Check yourself for these signs that your home may not be as secure as it should be and the matter becomes easy to remedy. Such as…


You always leave a spare key “hidden”


One of the worst kept secrets is that many of us keep a spare key under a doormat, above a door frame or beheath a heavy plant pot. We may know that this isn’t the greatest hiding place but we still tend to use it if (for example) one of the kids finds themselves locked out of the house. Unfortunately, even leaving a key in a vulnerable place like this for a few hours can have disastrous consequences if the wrong person happens to take a chance and look.


You haven’t replaced the bulb in your security light in months


Thieves operate in dark and hidden places which is why security lights at the front and rear of your home are invaluable. When the bulbs blow, the last thing we feel like doing (especially on a cold, dark night) is clambering up a stepladder to replace them. However, every day we tarry is an opportunity for burglars to come and get a closer look at what lies enticingly below your Christmas tree.


You leave bins out when it’s not collection day

If you think that thieves are too proud to pick through your garbage, think again. One person’s trash is another’s treasure and if you’ve recently disposed of the packaging for expensive presents this can confirm to a burglar that there are valuables in the house. Likewise bank statements and bills create opportunities for identity theft. Even the act of leaving bins out can lead burglars to believe that you’re out of the house for the long term. Think twice about what you leave out and shred anything you wouldn’t want in the hands of a stranger.

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