3 Things Busy Moms Need From A Gym



We all know how important physical exercise is. The message tends to be relayed over and over, from the government right through to TV ads.


Of course, when you’re a busy mom, you might know how important physical fitness is, but that doesn’t mean you have a huge amount of time to do anything about it. Many moms simply don’t have the time to join a conventional gym, choosing to workout at home or — in some cases — skip dedicated fitness activities altogether. Life as a parent is busy and sometimes, there just aren’t enough hours in the day.


New Year; New You?


However, there’s a new year right around the corner. If you have been thinking about increasing your physical activity for awhile now, then a new year is a blank slate, a fresh page, a chance to try something different. Many moms find that signing up for a gym is the best way of ensuring they make the effort to maintain their fitness, so you may want to do the same– but let’s pause a moment before you rush to join now, and consider the realities.


What a mom requires from a gym is very different from a standard fitness fan, so if you’re going to make your new regime stick, there’s a few things you’ll need to take into account. To aid you in this task, here’s a list of the requirements that all busy moms should have for their gym– only sign up if a facility meets at least two of these criteria.


#1 – 24 Hour Access


Parenting is a 24-hour job, but there are times when it’s less strenuous than others. If you have young children, then when they have gone to bed, this is your chance to workout– which you can’t do if your gym isn’t open late into the evening. 24-hour access ensures that the gym will always be ready and waiting for you, whenever your schedule permits you to visit.


#2 – A Kids Club


Kids clubs are not available at all gyms, but you’re definitely going to want to find a gym that features this facility before you sign up. Kids clubs are a fantastic idea; essentially, they’re on-site babysitting, so your kids can enjoy themselves while you grab a quick workout.


#3 – A Convenient Location


For busy moms, convenience is one of the most important factors as to whether or not a gym is going to work for you. You might think that you’re okay with a half-hour drive to the gym in the early, enthusiastic weeks of your new workout regime, but that drive is soon going to become problematic. Ideally, your gym should be no more than a 15 minute drive from your house.


In Conclusion


Making your gym-going life easier is essential if you’re going to stick to your workout plan. If you find a gym that can tick off two of the above three requirements, then it might just be the right facility for you.

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