3 Things Every Family Hotel Needs

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Traveling as a family is a wonderful way to see and do new things together but there’s no doubting that being away from home can be difficult with small children. This means that you need to find a hotel and a hotel room that will cater for your family’s needs and make your stay as relaxing as possible.


If your children have autism or ADHD, you might find that you have some more particular needs for your family holiday. For example, you might require a quieter hotel or plenty of activities to keep your children occupied and happy. Fortunately there are a lots of hotels that can accommodate all sorts of needs, you just need to ask before you book.

Family Friendly

When you are looking at hotel options, you must remember to find out whether it is family friendly. Family friendly hotels will usually have things for children to do and are less likely to have loud entertainment at night. Free parking and complimentary breakfasts are also a good benefit to look out for as it will make your holiday a little easier. Hotels like Baymont Inn & Suites Limon Colorado also offer quieter spaces and complimentary wifi, perfect if you have children who need a bit of peace and space.


You might also want to bring your family do along with you and there are lots of hotels that will offer pet-friendly accommodation too. They might be a little more difficult to find, but bringing your dog on holiday is a lovely way to travel.

Things to Do

Having plenty of things to do is vital for a successful family hotel – there is nothing worse than bored children! Look for hotels that have lots of nearby tourist attractions and good transport links to make getting there nice and easy.


Hotels that have play park equipment are also great because it will give you a chance to sit and relax while your kids continue to run around. An on site kids club is also brilliant for giving you a chance to take some time for yourself while your kids are being looked after.

Connecting Family Rooms

If you have a large family, finding an appropriate room can be quite difficult. Many family friendly hotels now offer connecting family rooms which form a suite. Often these rooms are a little more expensive, but you will usually benefit from a living area complete with a TV. This is great for relaxing together at the end of a long day of fun.


Connecting family rooms also mean that you can be nearby and able to make sure that your children are safe and happy. Sleeping in a strange room far from home can be quite scary for young children initially, so having a connecting family room will offer them the reassurance that you aren’t far away.


With the right hotel, your family holiday can go from ok to amazing. Having the right facilities to accommodate all your needs will give you a chance to relax and have fun together.

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