The 4 Best Types of Pregnancy Pillows

Despite the daily aches and pains, getting a good night’s rest is a common struggle among pregnant women. The biggest factors that cause this are weight gain, stress, and new dietary restrictions. But it is found that the best tool to use to get a better night’s sleep is a common pregnancy pillow. However, most expectant mothers buy their pillows too late and have developed irreversible problems that cannot be resolved until the end of their pregnancy. So you dads out there…buy this ahead of time! So let’s get into the different types of pillows and the different reasons to get each one.

The C-Shaped Maternity Pillow
This pillow is the most common among due to its low price tag. This basic pillow provides the best support to the shoulders and head at the top part of the pillow and the legs at the bottom.

The J-Shaped Maternity Pillow
This pillow is the last common because it provides less support, but has more comfort to the average person. Unlike any other type of pregnancy pillow it only provides little support at the top of the pillow which is not enough support for a pregnant woman.

The U-Shaped Maternity Pillow
Another popular maternity pillow is the U-shaped one since it provides support to the head and belly. One of the best-known features is that whoever is using the pillow can sleep on either side and can even help with the common side effect of heartburn with pregnancies.

The Wedge-Shaped Maternity Pillow
The wedge-shaped pillow is known as a specialty pillow since it cannot be used on its own. Although it provides excellent support to the head and neck, it provides no support to the back, belly, or legs. It is highly recommended to pair this product with the c, j, or u-shaped pillow.

I recommend using the C-shaped pillow. It’s low price and wide range of support is pleasing and seems like something that can be used after the pregnancy. So that way there is no buyer’s remorse.
One of the best types of pregnancy pillows are the Boppy Prenatal Cuddle Pillow. It is made in the USA and out of high quality polyester and cotton providing the utmost comfort. The Boppy Pillow provides support to 3 main parts of the body: the belly, the legs, and the hips. Which are the most common painful parts of the body during pregnancies. This pillow currently has a high rating of 4.3/5 stars. And if you’re still unsure of buying this pillow check out the hundreds of reviews it currently has!

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