5 helpful tips for Buying a New Car as a Busy mom

5 tips for Buying a Car as a Busy mom

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Our family has increased by 3 (soon to be 4) since 2009. It’s been a crazy journey, and one thing we knew we needed was a larger vehicle.  As a busy mom of 3 kids I know just how difficult it can be to find a car that fits all your needs.  In 2015 we bought our Toyota Sienna.  And I always said I would NEVER drive a mini-van.  It has been the best investment to our growing family, and I am very happy with our purchase.


There are some things you should look for when buying a car, and I am going to provide some helpful tips for your car buying experience.



Safety and Reliability:


Driving with littles in the car is already worrisome enough, so obviously we’re not going to go out and buy a sports car.  Finding something safe and reliable is so important in a family vehicle.  Before we bought our van, we knew the Toyota was the best choice for our family.  Having a car that fits the needs of all types of car seats was very important to us.  At Cars.com they have some great information on car seats and how to determine if the car is a right fit for your family, you can check that out at this link https://www.cars.com/news/car-seat-check/




Space and comfort:


One of the great things about the Toyota Sienna is that it’s so roomy! We have been on a few road trips this past summer and it was a great experience for my kids.  The van seats eight people, and there’s 5 of us so we have plenty of room for luggage in our trunk.  You can also put the back seats down to create even more space for extra luggage if needed.  I love that my kids have space for their feet and are comfortable.




Affordability and cost:


We knew no matter what we would have another car payment.  After paying off my car in 2010, I was dreading the idea of another car payment.  It’s a wonderful feeling paying off a vehicle and saves you so much money.  But fitting in a ford focus was no longer an option for us.  Luckily, there is a family friend who works for a Toyota dealership and he helped us create a payment that was affordable for us with very little down.  Sometimes it’s helpful to know someone in the industry to guide you through the process.




Research and knowledge:


Our decision to purchase a new vehicle did not come easy.  It took almost a year to research and figure out the type of car we wanted to buy.  We also saved money for a year, although our down payment was not too bad we wanted to ensure we had money just in case.  Cars.com has great information for new car buyers and provides informative tips for your purchase.  Purchasing a vehicle should not be taken so lightly.  Become knowledgeable about the vehicle you desire by reading reviews by other car owners, and believe it or not YouTube videos come in very handy. make sure to go in and test drive it before you make any big moves.  When you have a family it’s best not to make an impulsive decision.


Lease vs. purchase Knowing the difference:


According to Cars US News.com


When you are purchasing a car, the loan value is based on the entire cost of the vehicle, minus your down payment and trade-in value. … With the car lease, you only pay the difference between the car’s price and what it’s expected to be worth at the end of the lease, which is known as its residual value.


Purchasing a car can be a great opportunity, if the price is right and affordable for your budget.  When you purchase a car with a loan your monthly payment can be substantially higher, than a lease.  Although you do not own the car with a lease and will have to return the vehicle at the end of the leasing period; however you also have the option to purchase at this point.  Whichever you decide to do it’s important to become familiar with the loan rates and the difference in leasing and purchasing.  Once you officially own the vehicle it’s a great asset to have, since you can sell it or trade it in at any time.



I hope these tips are helpful to anyone expecting to purchase a car.  Sometimes as busy moms we’ll leave the decision up to our significant others.  But I recommend buying something you love, since you’ll be driving it around all the time.

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