9 cleaning secrets I learned while searching the WEB


9 Cleaning secrets I learned while searching the WEB

Guest Post: Jade Clayton


There are plenty of things you can learn about cleaning while searching on the WEB. From cleaning recipes with natural products, self-made fresheners with essential oils to detergents for keeping your kitchen appliances wiped. Here are presented 9 cleaning secrets I learned while searching the WEB. Use them to ease and make more effective your household work.


cleaning tips

cleaning tips


  1. Remove pet hair from furniture and floors with rubber gloves

Pets leave a lot of hairs during the whole year which aren’t easy to be removed. You can do this using rubber gloves moistened with water. Pet hairs will stick to them like magnets which will make cleaning a lot easier.


  1. Clean shower heads with vinegar

Use vinegar to clean the shower heads in your bathroom. What I do is fill a plastic bag with enough vinegar for the shower head to get submerged. Then I use a string or a rubber band to tie the bag to the shower head and leave the vinegar to work for one night. The next day I remove the bag and the shower head is perfectly clean.


  1. Remove water rings using a hair dryer

I remove water rings from wooden tables and other furniture pieces using a hair dryer. By switching on the appliance it blows the water ring which vanishes after 15 minutes. I use olive oil after that to moisturize the furniture.


  1. Deep clean dirty oven with kitchen ingredients: vinegar and baking soda

I wipe the oven and it becomes perfectly clean using a solution of equal parts of baking soda and vinegar. The solution is very strong and successfully removes splatters and mess from ovens. I found the recipe while searching online and it is very effective.


  1. Stainless steel polish made of cream of tartar and a little water

Just mix a tablespoon of cream of tartar with several drops of water and use this product to scrub and polish your stainless steel appliances in the kitchen and other rooms. Use a clean sponge to rub the surfaces with the polish. After that, take a moistened paper towel to clean the tartar and grime. It works wonders.


  1. Use water and lemons to clean your microwave

Fill a glass bowl suitable for microwaves with 500 ml water and slices of lemon. Turn it on high temperature for 5 minutes. Leave the bowl in the microwave until it cools down. This way the solution will create a condensation which will help loosen the splatters and burnt food as well as deodorize the appliance. Wipe its internal surfaces using a paper towel. Your microwave will look like new.


  1. Use vinegar to clean glass cooker tops

Make a solution of water and vinegar in a 1:1 ratio and use it to spray your stove. Let it work for a few minutes and clean the cooker’s surfaces with a rug or towel.


  1. Cleaning dusty lampshades, pillows and household items with lint rollers

FastHomeCleaners Tooting proposes lint rollers are effective for cleaning many household items that have collected dust. They can be used the same way you would use lint rollers on your clothes. It is perfect for removing dust from lampshades, pillows and other items.


  1. Use dish cleaning brushes to sanitize cabinets

You can think of them as large toothbrushes. Use them to cover larger cabinet areas faster and better. Finish the cleaning using wet wash cloths to remove the soap.


There are a lot of thing you can learn about cleaning online. Use the cleaning secrets presented here to maintain your home perfectly sanitized. They will save you costs and ensure the healthy state of your rooms.


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