Here Are Some Amazing Stress Relief Ideas



You’ve probably read in a few places by now that stress is a big killer in the modern world. A lot of people don’t quite get how stress affects your health, though. Isn’t it just a state of mind? Well, if you’ve ever been really stressed then you know it’s not just something that affects your mind and your mood.


Stress causes headaches, stomach pains and high blood pressure. Prolonged stress can lead to problems with the heart. If strong stress is experienced consistently over a long period of time, it can induce episodes of depression and anxiety.


Needless to say, you don’t need these things in your life if you want to stay healthy. If you want to relieve stress effectively, follow these tips!




Sleep more!


Sleep deprivation is one of the leading factors that exacerbate stress. As I’m sure you’re well aware, a bad night’s sleep makes you more irritable and slow to react come the next day. When you’re at work and dealing with high-pressure situations, those factors make you much more stressed.


Talk to someone


Getting something off your chest is an amazing way to relieve stress. What I mean by “talk to someone” can be taken in two ways, and you should consider both. One is to simply relax with a friend and have a good conversation. Have a vent and see what advice they have to give (or jokes they can offer to cheer you up!). Some getaway options may have on-site people to talk to; maybe you should find a Christian retreat center. You could also try speaking to your doctor, or even your boss, who may lighten the load for you.




Stop using those harmful “stress relief” substances


A lot of people turn to smoking or alcohol when they want some stress relief. I shouldn’t have to spend too long telling you why these substances are bad for your health! Neither of them is a long-term solution. Cigarettes may help you in the short interval in which you’re actually smoking them. But that’s only because you’re satisfying cigarette cravings, which exacerbate your stress. A nice drink can be a good short-term solution, but it’s not going to help long-term stress.


Have a cup of tea


This one sounds too obvious, almost. Of course, not everyone really has the time to just sit down and have a cup of tea. But you should really consider making the time every now and again. A short break with a hot drink can do wonders for you immediately. A comfortable seat, some premium caffeine-free tea, and a good book will help your body calm down in no time.




Listen to music

Music helps you escape. The same can be said about things like films and video games, of course. These are also great stress-relieving things. But if you’ve got something on your mind, it might be best to think about a solution. And that’s hard to do when you’re engaging in a story or with something interactive. Some nice background noise can help in several ways. Heck, maybe you should just throw on something blood-pumping and have an energetic solo dance in your room. (Seriously, it’s effective. Just, erm, make sure no-one else is around.)

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