Amazing Tips That Will Make Your Home Move Easier



Moving is considered by many to be one of the most stressful things a family can go through. Even if you’re really excited about the move, packing up and clearing out is never a particularly fun task. The last thing you need is to get a lot of little things get you down during this process. Here are a few quick tips to help you and your family make the move as easy as possible.


Getting smart with boxes


The first thing people usually see when they imagine moving is boxes. Boxes, boxes, and more boxes. They can see themselves having all sorts of trouble with them. Not just with packing things into them, but carrying them around and then sorting them out once you’re at your new place. You need this move to be as stress-free as possible, so make sure you make this stage easier for yourself.


boxes for moving day

boxes for moving day



Try color coding the boxes according to what room the items in them originated from. If you want to write labels, make sure you write them on the side. Most people write the information on the top, which isn’t much good once they’re all stacked up! Consider getting see-through plastic boxes so you can see what items are inside with a quick glance. And if your boxes don’t have handles, then cut some into them.


Protecting the things in those boxes


Moving things around leaves them vulnerable to damage. This is one of the biggest worries for anyone in the middle of a move. This usually leaves people with the need to buy expensive padding for the boxes. But that’s not your only option! You can use the towels and sheets in your home for free and smart padding. Wrap them around big, fragile objects like your television before it goes in its box. And as for plates, you should get styrofoam plates. Put the styrofoam plates between the real plates for cheap and effective padding!




Getting help with the move


A lot of families get a little cocky when it comes to the move. They think that it’s better for them to save money and just get everything into their own car and move things that way. But as someone who has been through many moves, I can assure you that it’s much better to get help from experts, especially with bigger objects. It makes everything so much less stressful. It can also ensure the safe travel of your belongings, especially as they’re in the hands of professionals! Consider looking into getting help from movers!


research and availability

research and availability



Using your smartphone
You know there’s an app for pretty much everything these days, right? And that includes moving house! There are loads of apps out there that can help you manage your move. You can set up schedules and arrange home inventory lists. Move Advisor is one of the most popular such apps on the market right now, and it’s completely free! Of course, there are several of free ones out there, so you should consider giving them all a trial so you can pick the one best suited to you.

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