Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Kids Birthday Parties

Throwing you little on a birthday bash is a wonderful way to celebrate their milestones. But planning a party can also be super stressful. So if you are planning a kids party anytime soon, you should definitely read the Q and A’s below for some useful advice.


Q: Should I Throw A Themed Party?


A: Yes. Themed kids parties work so well. They give you a structure on which to hand everything else as all the games, prizes, and entertainment can be in keeping with the theme. Its also allow you to incorporate the things that your kid is most into like pirates or dinosaurs. Or you could choose a fun theme that will appeal to all ages like an old fashioned carnival. Successful parties I’ve seen, also allow the kids to come in fancy dress, which the absolutely love.


Q: Should we invite the parents?


A: Yes. To minimize poor behavior and maximize safety at the party is a good idea to allow the parents to come along too. This means that they can deal with any accidents or emergencies that arise. They will also be there to make sure that their little ones don’t eat too much or come into contact with any food that they are allergic to.


Q: Should we offer Gift Bags


I don’t know about you, but one the best thing about attending a party when i was little was the gift bag you get at the end. It was a like a thank you for going to someone’s house to have fun. Having said that they could be an extra expense to deal with when arranging a party, especially if you have DIY favors or a Piñata.  So think carefully before you commit to it.


Q: What sort of activities should we offer?


A: Activities are the key to a successful party. If they get bored then that when you get the poor behavior. The type of activities will depend on the type of party and the age of the children attending. Classic birthday party games like pass the parcel and musical stories are always a good idea as everyone knows how to play them. Then you can add in more things that match n with your theme. Try a reptile visit for a dino party or a treasure hunt for a pirate party. For a traditional carnival party companies like Monster Ball hire out dunk tanks and you can get rolls of tickets and popcorn boxes from Etsy.


Q: Should I make the cake?


birthday parties

birthday parties



A: if you feel confident enough to yes, go ahead. Use one of the websites giving instructions on how to model popular Kids TV characters. You can then use these to adorn the top of a homemade chocolate sponge.


However, if you feel you have enough on your plate, there are plenty of professional cake makers out there that can do a fantastic job. Just make sure that you talk through thoroughly what you want with them or provide them with some visual references.


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