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How an IEP Saved My Child in School

As my IEP meeting approaches I felt compelled to share how it has impacted our lives for the better.  How as a parent it has encouraged me in many ways. Initially I was very skeptical to report Isaac’s diagnosis to

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Prevent Tantrums With These No-Tears Travel Tips

If you have been struggling to find the time to spend with your family recently, it could really pay off to book a holiday. When you go away for a few nights, you won’t have to worry about work and

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The Weird & Wonderful World Of Florida

Image source   If you’re known as The Sunshine State, then chances are you’re going to be a hotspot for anyone vacationing, staycationing or just hopping around the globe as their nomadic heart sees fit… and that is exactly what

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What To Know When Renovating A House

Image by Kevin Hale   When making the decision to buy a house, especially if you are trying to save money, you might consider buying one that is a little run down and renovating it. From a financial perspective, you

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Moving Forward With An Illness

Being diagnosed with an illness is something that many of us dread on our various visits to the doctor. If you have suspected that you have certain symptoms for a while now, you may have even been putting off going

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These Issues Can Affect Your Child In School

School was a wonderful place for many. The memories of which bring back nostalgia in high quantities. However, there are huge issues that can occur in the school yard. These come in all kinds of ways. It can be hard

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Easy Steps for Maintaining a Healthy Lawn

Easy Steps for Maintaining a Healthy Lawn A good well-maintained lawn is not only a beautiful and welcoming view for your home but it is also a fantastic spot for entertaining, and a place where your kids can play. Having

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Give Your Bathroom A New Lease Of Life

There aren’t many rooms in our homes that go through as much as our bathrooms go through on a daily basis. When you bear in mind that you, your partner and your children all probably use the same bathroom, it’s

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Making Time for Family as a Parent in Healthcare

Flickr   People in the healthcare business are among the busiest professionals our society has. And this can create a lot of personal problems for them, especially if they’re parents. If you’re in this position, then there’s no doubt that

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What To Bear In Mind When Moving Home With Kids

It’s little secret that buying a property can be stressful at the best of times. The market is so confusing, there is a tonne of legal jargon to get your head around, and there’s no guarantee you will even walk

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