What To Buy The One Year Old That Has Everything

When a child is born, they are immediately festooned with gifts. Everything from clothing to toys to nappies to books that neither the babies nor their parents are interested in. And the list goes on.  So it can be a chore to think of anything to get them for their first birthday. For all intents and purposes, that kid really does have it all.

Thankfully, there are still some ideas out there to satisfy this problem. What can you buy the one year old who has everything? Take a look at these ideas and you’ll soon be inspired.

A Deluxe Edition

Your normal, everyday book is no good for a one year old. They can’t read it themselves (unless we’re talking about a genius), and their parents may not have the time nor the inclination to read it to them. However, a deluxe, pop up edition of a children’s classic such as Winnie-the-Pooh or The Wizard of Oz is a great alternative. Choose one that looks as beautiful as the story within the cleverly designed pages, and you’ll have found a gift that will stand the test of time.


The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, by Stephen King, is a great book that's even better in pop-up form.

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, by Stephen King, is a great book that’s even better in pop-up form.


Limited Edition Shoes (That Are Too Big)

Buying outsized clothes may sound like an odd idea, but it’s actually a pretty good one when you think about it. Kids grow out of their clothes in no time, which means that buying something to fit the size they are now is a mistake. Instead purchase a pair of limited edition shoes that, by the time they actually come to fit the little one are no longer available. This means that a) the parents have something for the child to wear when suddenly nothing else fits anymore and b) those shoes will be chic and stylish and no one else will have them! Trend setting starts early…

limited addition shoes

limited addition shoes


Traditional Wooden Toys

Toys can be pretty annoying – squeaky, garishly coloured things that grind on parents’ nerves. That’s why gorgeous traditional wooden toys are just the thing. They look stunning, they work wonderfully, and the novelty factor alone makes them beloved of children (and their worn out parents) across the world. Not sure where to start looking? This shop has kids toys online for delivery.

classic wooden toys

classic wooden toys


A One Of a Kind Stuffed Toy

It’s an unbelievably lovely feeling to give a child a toy that they love forever. When you see it pop up in family photos down the years, when it’s the one treasure from childhood they choose to take to uni with them… that’s special. So why not buy something that has every chance of becoming that much loved toy for their first birthday, and start at the very beginning? A unique stuffed toy that has been made just for them is the ideal gift. There are various options if you want to go down this route. They include toys made from the child’s own (old) clothing (such as the first babygrow they wore). Also available are toys made in the child’s likeness, or even toys created from a drawing the child has made!

So, when you next ask yourself what you should buy the one year old who has everything, just remember – a little imagination (and a bit of googling) go a long way.



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