Can You Have A Child Friendly And Luxurious Home?

If you family is about to grow, then you might find yourself asking this question. Don’t worry though, the answer is yes. With a few adjustments and a bit of forward planning you can have the luxury you desire, while making sure your home is child friendly.

Baby Proofing

Luxury homes, can often contain valuable furniture and it doesn’t hurt to think about any possible issues that you might have in the future. Go round your home and make a list of anything that might be problematic when Baby begins to crawl. You need to think about things like open plug sockets, furniture with hard edges and anything that looks tempting for them to climb.


child friendly and luxurious home

child friendly and luxurious home

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Becoming a parent can be expensive, but one one thing that you can’t do without is a quality changing table with raised sides. It’s vital that you know Baby will be safe when you are changing their diaper and that there is no risk of them falling onto the floor.

Keeping it your home

Just because you are about to be parents, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a luxurious home as well. I think some people give up on high-end living as soon as they have kids because they just don’t want the hassle of trying to keep it all clean and tidy. Contrary to popular belief, children are not Tasmanian Devils and will not destroy every part of your home. Make sure that the kids have specific areas in which to spread their toys out. As they grow, be clear with them that they need to eat meals and snacks at the table. Give them plenty of storage to make sure everything gets put it away at the end of the day. Then you will be able to keep that high-end luxury look as well as having kids.



creating a kid friendly home while adding luxury.

creating a kid friendly home while adding luxury.

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If this is your first child then, you will probably be ok with space. But if you have lots of kids already, you might be concerned as to where everyone will sleep and play. If that is the case, then you need to consider an extension or renovation. This can provide you with enough room to house all the family comfortably while allowing for everyone to have their areas. Check out sites like You can find some great renovation and extension inspiration there that have a luxury twist.

Luxury touches

It’s true that when you become parents, your priorities do shift, and your child becomes the first thing on your list. It’s a good idea to keep a bit of luxury in your surroundings for you too. Parenthood can be tough, and sometimes you are going to need to retreat, even if it is just for 15 minutes to regain your sanity. That’s why having a luxurious jet bath, reading nook or a balcony are so necessary. Keep these areas as only adult zones. Then you will always have a place of peace to retreat too when things get tough, just make sure one of you is watching the kids!


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