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Welcome To The Family: An Essential Checklist For New Dogs

Congratulations! You’ve brought the new dog home for the first time. Although you have prepared extensively for this day by buying toys, a bed, and other accessories for your new family member, it will take some time for everyone to

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Turning Your Dog Into Your Best Friend

Getting a dog is one of the biggest commitments you can make. Even if you’ve been one of those people who’s desperately wanted a little canine buddy since childhood, the truth is that it will probably be a lot more

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Ideas For Making Family Memories That Will Last A Lifetime

Family life might be stressful, but the truth is that all too soon your kids will be grown up and will be flying the nest. So when it comes to making memories, you want to make an effort to make

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Dog Owner? 6 Things You Should NEVER Do!

There’s no denying that dogs bring us a whole bundle of happiness in our lives! Having a pet dog also gives us a sense of responsibility, and in return, they offer us unconditional love and affection. Dogs also help us

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Pug Life: 3 Ways To Keep Your Dog Happy

Everyone knows that dogs become a member of the family after spending only a few days in your home. While they’re pets to some people; they’re the same as children to lots of others. Dogs can also become emotional and

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What Do The Professionals Say About Dog Care?

wall-animal-dog-pet.jpg Image Credit If you have a dog, then you will know what an important part of the family they can be. The truth is, once you have had your dog for a while, they become just as important as

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How To Choose A Dog Breed

How To Choose A Dog Breed It’s said that dogs are ‘man’s best friend’, and it’s not hard to see why. Having a dog as a pet helps you to get more exercise, relax and unwind more easily – and

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Could A Dog Make A Great New Addition To Your Family?

As your kids are growing up, they are bound to ask you at some point about pets. After all, their friends at school might have a furry friend as part of their family. And your child might want to get

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The Essential Guide To Caring For A Pregnant Pooch

Image Credit   Congratulations, your pup’s going to be a mom! And just like with any expectant mommy, there’s a lot to think about to ensure her pregnancy is as safe and comfortable for her as possible. There’s also the

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Avoid Health Hassles With Your Dog By Keeping On Top Of Things

Picture Credit   A pet could be the perfect thing to complete your family. There’s no better family pet than a dog. Those four legged furries have a habit of cementing their place in your home and your heart. Though

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