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Maintain Your Home’s Value with These Tips

Flickr   When people talk about investments, they often talk about property. It almost seems to be a magical thing in the world of finance; the one investment that can never fail, that will always give you a strong return

5 Crucial Ways To Make Your Home A Safe Haven For Kids

Image source   When we think of home, we think of all the warm and fuzzy feelings we should get. After all, home is where love runs riot, memories get made, friends are welcome, laughter never ends and our children

When Are Household Disasters Most Likely To Occur?

When it comes to your family home, there is nothing worse than falling foul to a disaster. Admittedly, household disasters do tend to be rare, but once every so often something is likely to go wrong at home, leaving your

Want That Perfect Family Home? A Self-Build Could Be The Answer

Trying to find the perfect family home can often be a bit of a headache. When you are renting, the decision over where to live usually doesn’t matter too much. After all, for most of us renting isn’t a lifelong

Fixing Your Home So The Kids Don’t Moan

It’s fun to be the responsible adult in a family home. You’re apparently the person to whom everybody turns when there’s a problem which needs fixing. A brilliant new solution might be to teach your kids how to fix certain

Time To Call The Professionals

Image Source Knowing your way around a toolbox is a useful skill to have. Not only does it save you money on hiring a professional for a quick DIY fix, it allows you to keep your home in good condition.

Four Things You Can Swiftly Add to Your Home to Boost Its Functionality

Is functionality becoming an ever greater problem for you in your home? It’s something that many people experience, but don’t despair. There is no reason why you have to be concerned by this issue. It’s more than possible to add

The 3 Things You Need To Change

Image Source   Don’t worry – this isn’t going to be a post about how you need to start changing your way of thinking or meditation regime. It’s more so the things around your home that you didn’t know needed

A Toolbox Fit For A Queen

Post   DIY seems like a man’s game, but it’s for ladies too. In fact, there is nothing more rewarding than fixing a leaky tap and saving the household a fortune. Or, you can go one step further and complete

Don’t Forget These Costs When You Buy Your First Home

  Don’t Forget These Costs When You Buy Your First Home The excitement of finding your first home is something that you need to experience to understand it. However, if you find yourself researching the real estate market for the