A Chillout Room in Your Very Own Home? Yup, We’re Excited Too!

The idea of having a place that is designed and reserved for relaxing in your own home is a wonderful one. Life can be so stressful. Everyone is always rushing around, or checking their phone, or posting on social media. Having somewhere where you can switch off from all that sounds like a wonderful idea. So read on to find out how you can create the ultimate chill out room in your very own home.




First of all, you have to consider the location of your relaxing room. It’s no good having next to the kid’s playroom, where you can hear them through the walls. The same goes for the proximity to any noisy environment like the kitchen or bathroom. You want to keep your chillout room as far away from the hubbub of daily life as possible.


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Attic spaces make great chillout rooms because people have to take the extra effort to climb the stairs to come and disturb you. Similarly, garages and conservatories can be added onto to you home, in a location that is out of the main thoroughfare. This should then guarantee that you get the most restful time possible.




Once you have decided on the location of the room, you will want to think long and hard about the decoration that you will use. Remember that relaxation is they key word here, so ditch the bright and bold colors and go for calming shades of white, blue or green instead.


Keep ornaments to a minimum, clutter is never relaxing. But you can include a few choice pieces that you remind you to focus on the now like travel souvenirs or pictures. You can even decorate such a room with mandala designs. As are specially made to create a meditative process while looking at them.






Once you have your decoration sorted, you will want to furnish you chill out room. This needs to be done with great care. As the aim is not to display off a lot of items and your style, but to create a spacious and calm room, perfect for forgetting the cares of the day.


To that an end, any furniture you do include should serve a specific purpose. Some people choose to keep it to a zafu and zabuton which you can buy at zafu.net.  These are perfect to use for meditation in your chillout room.


Others may prefer to install something like a massage chair, that can help them physically and mentally relax after a difficult day. Make sure you do your research at sites like shiatsuchairs.net before you buy a chair like this, though. As there is a huge range of options available. So you want to make sure you get the one that will be most relaxing for you.


Little Luxuries


Lastly, once you have furnished the room, you will want to complete the little touches that give it a sense of luxury and relaxation.


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These don’t have to be big or expensive things. They can be as simple as a vase of fresh flowers, or a scented candle that helps you float away into a relaxed state.   


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