Doing More When It Comes to Protecting Your Finances

If you truly want to protect your finances, you’re going to have to do more than just hide them away in a place where nobody can tap into them, either on- or offline. Yes, you’re going to have to do more than just secure your piggy banks, strengthen your online banking and hide your debit and credit cards.


What you’re going to need to do is do more when it comes to protecting your finances. More to the point, what you’re going to need to do is take heed to finance-protecting advice below.

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Stay out of trouble


By getting yourself into trouble with the law you stand to lose more than just your freedom: you stand to lose a big chunk of your finances, too. Yes, when you do something that breaks the law, and you are subsequently arrested and charged for it, you automatically put your finances in danger and great peril. Well, when you are arrested you are asked to buy your freedom in what is known as bail money and bail bonds, remember? And, when you are charged with an offence, even when you are not incarcerated as a result, you stand to lose out on future payments because of your criminal record.


For instance, by being charged with driving over the alcohol limit you tarnish your record in ways that will more than likely see you lose your licence (meaning you won’t be able to get to work) and your job in general (meaning, of course, that you won’t have an income). And, all of that is even after you pay the prices you need to pay to get DUI lawyers on your side to fight your case! So, to stop yourself being charged with driving under the influence and then losing all the money you stand to lose as an outcome of doing so, simply do not drink and drive! And, more to the point, to stop yourself having to pay the price of being in trouble with the law, don’t get yourself in trouble in general!


Strengthen your finances for after your passing


As morbid as this may sound, if you truly want to protect your finances you need to be strengthening them to a point where they will live on after your passing. If you don’t do this then you make your money liable to being taken lawfully by your government and not ending up exactly where you want it to. You see, if you were to not, say, write out your last will and testament or take out life insurance (be it term or whole life cover) and there was some trouble in finding your natural heirs, then the money you accumulated over your life would fall into the hands of the government. And, do you really want that to happen? No, you don’t, so make sure your finances are protected for after your passing by making it lawfully and legally clear where and who you want your finances to go to when you are gone.


As you can see, protecting your finances is about doing more than protecting them against burglars and criminals. No, it’s about ensuring you don’t do anything yourself to harm your finances, and it’s about strengthening them so that they cannot be lawfully taken without your consent.

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