Conquering Cat Conundrums With Plenty Of Petting

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If you own a cat, then you already know how much they love to be fussed, petted, and generally adored. Unlike other animals, cats seem almost obsessed with being in contact with their human friends. Of course, when they are young, it’s easy to find yourself giving them all of the attention they need. But, as time goes on, it’s easy to let this area slip. Petting your cat doesn’t just make them happy, though, it also gives you the chance to start making their life better. To show you how this post will be going through some of the areas which are most impacted by regular and loving fussing.


  • Their Emotions


cats are very emotional creatures. Without the right elements in their life. It can be very easy for a cat to become depressed or stressed out. One of these elements is social time and entertainment, which can both be derived from a good old fuss. When a cat wraps their tale around your legs, this is their equivalent of a hug. When they sniff at you or rub their face on you, these are also signs of affection. Just imagine how you would feel if you tried to hug someone and simply got ignored; it wouldn’t feel good.


  • Medical Issues


Along with keeping your cat happy, regular petting is a tool which can be used to keep your cat as healthy as possible. The texture of an animal’s skin and fur can tell you a lot about their current condition. For example, if your car has a lot of scabs and is very itchy, they may be suffering with fleas. To solve this issue, you’d need to read a cat flea treatment review or two, before finding the right option to get rid of the pests. This is just one example of an issue you can find by stroking your cat, and there are loads like it.


  • Molting/General Fur Health


Like a lot of other mammals, cats have to molt their fur during the summer months to make sure that they aren’t too hot. During this time, they might need some help to

remove the excess fur . Petting is the perfect way to do this. Along with this, when you pet your car, your hand acts in a very similar way to a brush. You will smooth their fur, help to remove knots, and keep it all in good condition. Fur health is very important to any cat.


  • How To Pet Your Cat


Once you have renewed inspiration to pet your cat, it’s a good idea to start looking into the best ways to do it. You probably already have an idea of where you cat likes to be stroked. But, with some research you can increase your pleasure-giving potential by a huge margin. Generally, cats will prefer to be stoked around their scent glands.  Making the head, neck, lower back, and cheeks perfect places to get started. Be careful, though as most cats won’t want a belly rub.


Hopefully, this post will give you a good idea of the benefits of giving your cat loads of attention. The more you touch and interact with an animal like this, the more they will want to spend time with you, making it well worth it if you want a good relationship with your pet. You brought the cat into your home, so it’s your job to make sure that they are happy.

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