Create a Bedroom That Sends You to Sleep


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If you constantly find yourself struggling to get the regular amount of sleep that your mind and body craves, your bedroom is the first thing that you should be looking to change. After all, you want to create an environment that is as conducive to sleep as possible. The disturbances and distractions around the room, the less likely it is that you will be able to drift off. So, let’s run through the things that you can adjust to give yourself a better chance of getting a good night’s sleep.


Make the Room Dark


The first thing that we need to sleep well is darkness. When you are getting ready for bed, turn off the overhead light and switch to a soft bedside lamp. This helps your body know that it should be getting ready for sleep. When you turn off the lights, you don’t want any disturbances like digital clocks and glowing electronics. If you have a problem with street lights outside, blackout blinds or a sleeping mask should do the job.


Make the Room Comfortable


Next up, you need to make the room as comfortable as possible. The mattress is probably the most important part of this, so take a look at for a few different options. Ensure that you have soft, clean and comfortable sheets, and only as many pillows as you feel comfortable with. Also, consider what you are wearing to sleep. For example, if you always have cold feet, it is worth trying out wearing some bed socks. Experiment until you find out what is most comfortable for you.


Make the Room Cool


As you fall asleep, your body temperature will naturally start to drop down, so creating a cool sleeping environment can help speed up the process a bit. Try setting your thermostat 5° to 10° lower than your average daytime temperature to see what a difference this makes. Of course, the optimum temperature varies from person to person, so again, it is worth experimenting until you get things right.


Make the Room Quiet


If you live in a particularly noisy neighbourhood, there are a couple of things which can help you to create the quiet sleeping environment that you are looking for. A thick rug and some heavy blinds may help in the first instance when trying to reduce the noise. You can also try wearing earplugs to block out surrounding disturbances. If you are the kind of person who likes to fall asleep to music, make sure the player has a ‘sleep’ function so it shuts down automatically after a set period of time.


Make the Room Calm

The final thing that you should be looking to make the room is calm. So, electronic devices like a TV or computer should be kept elsewhere. Any excess clutter should either be removed from the home or stored in another room. A calming colour scheme and some soothing sights and sounds all contribute towards helping you get the sleep you need.   

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