Delicious DIY: The Essentials of Perfect Preparation For Precise Performance



Keeping on track during a home renovation or decoration project is one of the most difficult parts of the process.


That’s some going, really. This is a process that involves painting; when the paint is stubbornly streaky despite your best of intentions. It may also involve wallpaper; a fun product we’ve created that is more determined to stick to itself than the wall. Not to mention the use of various implements which feel like they could malfunction at any point and randomly kill you – we’re on to you, electric screwdriver. We know your plan.


I digress. Despite all of the above, the most difficult part of a renovation is staying on track. You estimate the length a job will take and then realise you have been woefully, painfully naive. You have a figure in your head for a budget and soon realise you need to quadruple that number.


Well, the next time you fancy a little bit of DIY, here’s some ideas to keep you on track.


# 1 – Financial Freedom: Budget Management Makes For Happiness


Whether you’re doing a big project that’s going to require the help of online evolution money loans or a small update and refresh of a room, your budget is key.

Too many people set a budget based on guesswork. Don’t be this person. Make good decisions – and that means making informed decisions. Don’t spend a penny or begin any aspect of a project without knowing exactly what the costs are. Exactly; not a guess, not a rough figure, an exact number that you have researched and know for sure you can hit.


#2 – Time Traveller: Understanding What You Need


Losing track of time in the midst of a project is one of the most irritating things in the world. You think that the wall is only going to take half an hour to paint – but you’ve forgotten a few key steps.


The painting of the wall itself may only take half an hour, but you have to factor in the time for related activities. That’s things like prep work, masking up, cleaning up mistakes and washing out the brushes when you’re done. If you don’t factor all of these essentials in, then you’re going to wonder why the day has flown past and you have only got half of the things you wanted to do completed.


#3 – Serious Skills – Don’t Overestimate Your Ability


Have you ever watched a plasterer work? It’s almost balletic; the majestic sweeps of the tool, the cut-glass smooth effect that’s left. It looks so easy – so surely you can do it too?

It looks easy because the plasterer does this all the time.


It’s the same for any kind of DIY task; don’t assume you can do it because you have seen others do it effortlessly. I don’t just mean in terms of measuring yourself against professionals – even assuming you can keep up with a more experienced DIYer (such as your parents) could be a recipe for disaster. Ensure that your skills are as good as they need to be before you rely on them to complete a project – otherwise, you could be in for a nasty surprise.


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