Detoxify and Purify Your Life With These Easy Ideas

From highly processed foods to pollution and toxins and pathogens to the stress of the modern world, there are many negative things we come into contact with every day. Because we have gotten so used to them, it can be extremely difficult to rid ourselves of these toxins. So to make a start, here’s four easy ways to begin detoxifying and purifying your life the simple way.



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Dark chocolate


Carbonated drinks, certain meats and foods jam packed with sugar can all be harmful to our bodies. When we take in too many of these toxins, our body can be overwhelmed and react with feelings of lethargy, weight gain and muscle and joint pain. So if we want to detox our bodies we need to eliminate as many of these foods as possible. But then what, I hear you ask, can be our sweet treat? Well, we have the answer! Dark chocolate happens to be good for our bodies. Hallelujah! It is jam packed with polyphenols which assist in protecting the body from free radicals. This, in turn, can reduce your risk of certain cancers and also heart disease. When we talk about dark chocolate though, we are talking about raw cacao. So only buy the best!


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Water Filter


We all know the benefits of drinking water for your health. But are you ever worried about whether your water is clean and healthy enough? Using a device such as the big berkey water filter will ensure your water is as pure as it can be. A filter will remove fluoride, viruses, iron, mercury, uranium and more. By removing things such as chlorine and bacteria, your water will taste and smell better. There are many toxins found in water, and a filter flushes them out. So if you want to purify your own and your children’s lives, definitely invest in a water filter.   

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Organic Fruit and Vegetables


The trouble with buying fruit and vegetables is that pesticides can be found in them and on their skin. If you are eating a lot of fruit and vegetables, it is always best to buy organic. Fruits such as strawberries and apples can be contaminated with pesticides, which can cause all sorts of problems. Organic food is processed in a different way by farmers. Organic farmers use only natural fertilizers to feed their soil and use mulch or crop rotation to get rid of weeds. When buying organic always make sure your food has the the USDA certified label. Organic fruit and vegetables are free of harmful chemicals. And we simply don’t know the long-term effects of such chemicals in non-organic food. Organic foods also taste better and contain more nutrient value. For a purer way of life, always opt for organic.

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Keep House Plants


Our last tip for a purer life is to keep some house plants in your home. Not only will they make your home look nicer, but they also function by breathing in carbon monoxide and breathing out more oxygen for your home. They will provide purer, fresher air inside your home which is beneficial for better health. But remember that if you have pets, some plants can be toxic to them. So do your research to find the best super plants to have in your home to keep fresh air circulating.

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