Don’t Let Your Home Turn into a Danger Zone

Every parent wants to ensure that their home is a safe place for their child to grow up. And to turn their home into a harmless haven they tend to focus on the usual suspects. You know the ones — damp, pests, dust. Now, this isn’t to say these plights aren’t serious and shouldn’t be tended to, because they most certainly are serious and should be sorted. But as a parent you shouldn’t just focus all your efforts into ridding your home of these problems. You need to be aware that there are  whole host of other, far more general, everyday problems within the home that need to be fixed. A few can be found below.


First of all you should seek to make all the areas in your home that could induce a nasty fall as safe as possible. Even the smallest of steps for us adults can force our children into the biggest of tumbles so it is essential that you tend to them promptly. You should stabilise staircases by making sure the handrails and flooring are securely affixed. You should stop your children from attempting to tackle the stairs unsupervised by fitting a Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate at the bottom of them. And you should ensure that all hard floor and outdoor steps are not slippery. Stairs can be a big danger zone in your home, if you allow them to be. Because of this it is imperative that you seek to nullify the dangers as much and as soon as possible.

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Danger zones can also arise in your home or garden when rubbish is left untended to. When a mountain of rubbish grows in a area where your children live and play you are putting them in danger. You are subjecting them to potentially coming into contact with rats. You are allowing them the opportunity to pick up bacteria and other things detrimental to their health. In order to fix this problem you should have any rubbish on your premises removed. You should use a service such as that which is offered by Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removals, information of which can be found here:, in order to have the problem sorted promptly and professionally. In this case you should always seek the services of a professional removal company. If you don’t, and you use somebody that offered to do it for you, you never know where the rubbish is going to end up. There is a growing trend of unofficial removal companies, known as ‘Facebook fly-tippers’, taking payment for removing rubbish and then proceeding to dump it in the countryside. Not only is this bad for the eco-system but it could end up being bad for you. If the legal authorities can link the rubbish that has been dumped back to you then you are liable, even if you did innocently pay somebody to dump it for you.

So, when it comes to making your home as safe as possible you need to remember everything. You need to remember to keep your stairs safe. You need to ensure that there is no rubbish contaminating the area. All in all, you can’t forget a thing.

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