A Dreamy Place to Dream: Making Your Bedroom More Luxurious

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The bedroom is your own little sanctuary. A place to retreat from the world, relax and completely unwind after each long day. So if yours has seen better days or you’re unsatisfied with how it looks, it’s well worth making a change! A lovely bedroom will make you feel happy and promote feelings of relaxation. Here are some of the ways you can go about it.

Get It Spotless

Before considering anything else, getting the space clean and free of clutter is a good idea. Label three boxes ‘bin’ ‘charity shop’ and ‘friends’ and anything you no longer have a use for can go straight into these. It helps you to make decisions quicker and means you can power through with less hassle. Once the clutter is gone, give everywhere a deep clean not forgetting underneath large furniture items like the bed and wardrobe. If you’re able to remove everything out completely, that’s even better.

Repaint The Walls

Color has been shown to have a significant effect on our mood. Certain shades will help to make you feel more relaxed making them good choices for the bedroom. Go with a very light shade or a light neutral which will help to open up the space and make it feel bigger and brighter. A coat of paint can instantly make a dull and drab room feel fresh and new and gives you a blank canvas from which to build up the room.

Think About The Bed

The most important feature in the bedroom is of course the bed. Since we spend so much of our lives sleeping, it makes sense to invest here and buy something that’s comfortable and supportive. Go for the biggest size you can which still works well in the room. Queen sized beds for example are larger than a standard double if you want extra room, but won’t overpower a smaller space in the same way a king or super king would. Another important thing to get right when it comes to the bed, is the bedding. Duvets and pillows can harbour dust mites and bacteria and should be replaced every few years. If yours have seen better days, fresh new ones will make you feel extra cosy and fresh. Go for high quality cotton sheets and duvet covers which are soft on the skin.

Add Soft Furnishings

The way you can really make the bedroom look luxurious is with the use of soft furnishings. Soft, sumptuous throws draped over the bed, lots of pillows, a cosy rug on the floor and good quality curtains will all bring a richness to the room. They also bring in color and texture, decide on an accent shade or two and use these colors through your soft furnishing choices.

Finish With Decorative Accessories

Once everything else is done and dusted, you can bring in your personality to the room. This could be with unique lamps, framed photos, flowers and plants or anything else. Try not to go overboard and leave the room looking cluttered, but a few personal touches add a homeliness and will make you feel happy and at home each time you go to bed and wake up.

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