Drink Yourself Into A Healthier Lifestyle

Unfortunately, I don’t mean wine. Today I’m going to give you the best ways of keeping your health at its best through the drinks that you consume.


  1. Water
    We all know that water is the most hydrating source of liquid that you can consume. There are no additives to it and it is the cheapest drink available. Even if you live in a country where it’s not advised to drink the water from your taps at home, you can buy a filter jug to cleanse the water, and you can pop it in the fridge to keep it icy cold.

    Another benefit of drinking water is that it fills our stomachs. Very often, we mistake thirst for hunger and end up grabbing a snack, which in the long run makes us more dehydrated. Next time you feel hungry, have a pint of water beforehand to see if it curbs your hunger at all. You’ll be surprised at how often that ‘hunger’ feeling is actually thirst. Also, remember to aim for two liters of water every day.

  2. Smoothies
    Making your own smoothies are a great way of getting some extra nutrients into your body. You can either blend fruit and vegetables on their own, or add milk/yogurt to the mixture to make it thicker and creamier. Not only are you able to tick off a few of your five a day, you’re getting the goodness from the yogurt and milk. This includes good bacteria for digestion and calcium for healthy teeth and bones.

    Smoothies also make us feel full, because it is essentially liquified food. This can be great for the promotion of weight loss and tiding you over until your next meal. They’re really easy to make too. Just put your favorite fruit and veg into the blender and blend the ingredients until it’s of a liquid consistency.

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  1. Skinny Tea
    You’ve probably seen skinny tea advertised, but have never tried it. Consuming skinny tea has many benefits to your health such as; it promotes digestion, reduces bloating, detoxes your body for clearer skin, and it is totally organic so you know it doesn’t contain any nasties that will upset your body.

    All you have to do with this tea is simply add it to hot water and you’re away. This is great because it’s being added to the best liquid to keeping your body hydrated too.

  2. Fruit juices
    You can either buy fruit juices from the store, or make them yourself by squeezing the juices out of your favorite fruit. A small serving counts as one of your five a day and each fruit has it’s own health benefits. Drinking a fruit juice a day will ensure that your body is getting the nutrients that it needs. Plus, they taste amazing. Grab a glass with some ice and your favorite fruit juice, it will go down a treat!


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Remember to accompany these newly found drinking habits with a healthy balanced diet to ensure that you’re as healthy as you can be.

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