Drowning In Party Pressure? Organize Yourself To Ensure Your Kid Is A Guest Worth Inviting!

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Every parent knows the struggle of those endless party invitations. Of course, it’s satisfying to know your little one has friends. That’s one worry crossed off the list. Even so, the amount of invitations can get overwhelming! As kid’s get older, they settle in one group of friends. When they’re young, it’s commonplace for the whole class to receive a party invitation. The trouble is, these send us into a whirl of panic! How are you meant to cope when you have three parties in one week? And, how often have you forgotten until the last minute? We all know the obligatory rush to the shops to buy the first doll you come across. Though you may never get on top of the problem, you can take steps towards that goal. Just apply a little organization to the problem. Here’s how to achieve it!


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First on the agenda is making sure you know when each party is! The last minute panic doesn’t do anyone any good. Knowing when you have a party coming up will allow you to stay calm and collected. This gets harder if you have more than one child to consider. Make sure you know which child the invitation was for, when and where! Invest in a diary, and make sure to write the dates the moment you get the invitation. Make sure, too, that your children know to pass the things over! Too often, letters sit at the bottom of their school bag until the last minute! Make sure to take note of time and place, as well as who’s party it is. Knowing who invited your child will ensure you can return the favor! Distinguish which of your kids was asked by using different colored pens for each. Taking these simple steps will ensure you’re never caught short again. Hopefully…


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Save yourself the last minute rush for a gift by purchasing some basic gifts in bulk. It’s never easy to know what to buy, but for the most part, these presents are just tokens. If the party is for one your child’s closer friends, you’ll need to put a little more effort in. If it’s just a party for the whole class, a small gift will do the job! Buy a mix of gifts for boys and girls, and keep them somewhere safe. If you’re struggling for ideas, you could turn to a company like Cards2Cash and stock up on gift cards. These are fantastic because they don’t take up much storage space! They also remove the stress of having to find something. The child in question will be able to choose whatever they like! These parties can get expensive. Buying presents that aren’t wanted can feel like a waste. If you feel that way, don’t hesitate to buy gift cards instead!




Your organization will put you in a position to offer help in case the parents in question need it. Spending the day at a kids party may not be your idea of fun, but this move would pay off in the end. Before you know it, the time will come when you’ll have to throw just such a party. When that time comes, you’ll be able to call on those favors! This is also the perfect opportunity to spend some extra time with your little one. Most parties will be over the weekend, which is a prime bonding time for you and your child. Don’t miss out. Make the most of the chance to spend a little extra time with them! If your kid’s nervous, having you there will be a tremendous comfort to them!




While you’re getting organized, it’s important you know where the party is. When you write the date of the party into your diary, take note of location as well. If the location is one you aren’t familiar, take time before the event to do a test run. This will save you getting lost on the day. You may not mind being stylishly late to events, but don’t inflict that on your child. Getting lost is a sure way to cause yourself panic! Avoid that eventuality with your test run. Most parties will be local, so it shouldn’t take you long to find the right location. It may take a little time out of your day, but you’ll be glad you made an effort when you arrive at the right time! Take note, on your test run, of how long the journey takes. That way you’ll know what time you need to leave to get there when you should! Remember, it’s better to arrive early and wait a little while in the car than to be late!


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It’s also your responsibility to know what your child will wear to each party. Children are less concerned with fashion, but your little one won’t want to wear the same thing each time! If you have a lot of parties in a short space of time, there’s also the risk that the chosen outfit will get dirty! Save yourself having to do an emergency wash by ensuring you have a few party outfits set aside. You needn’t go crazy here. Remember that children aren’t as critical of each other’s outfits as adults can be. Three or four outfits is all you need. With boys, there’s less pressure again. Just a nice top and a smart pair of jeans will do. If you have a little girl, stock up on some beautiful dresses and alternate them every few parties!


Getting to grips with a lot of parties isn’t as hard as you think. All it takes is a little planning to make sure you don’t have to rush on the day. Of course, no amount of planning will help you if you don’t know about the party in the first place. Stress to your child the importance of handing those invitations over!


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