What Does a Fire Damage Restoration Project Entail


Ruins of a single family home destroyed by fire


Fire is a life-threatening disaster not only dangerous to you and your close ones, but also to your entire

home and belongings. Making sure you survive is it the most and only important thing, but keeping your

head clear and thinking about the aftermath is probably the smartest move you can make at that


Unfortunately, troubles do not end after the flame is extinguished and the smoke cleared. Your home or

office is basically in a complete mess and is 100% unsafe to return. In the text below you will find some

info on when and if it is finally safe to return to the premises and what you and your family should do,

which steps to take and how to act when this occurs



Fire Restoration Project Step by Step

You need to contact a reputable company dealing with fire restoration as soon as possible, so they can

come as soon as the fire is put out. The first line of defense, of course, are the firefighters who are there

to put to flames out in any way possible, they will not and cannot be considerate to your belongings as

their job is just to prevent the fire from spreading in the most efficient way possible.



Call in the Experts

When the smoke clears the fire restoration team comes into play. Contacting them immediately will prevent further damage that house might suffer from other elements like wind, or rain because you can’t tell in which state the house is left after the fire is stopped. You also want to avoid even more

unnecessary trouble and expense. The longer you leave your damaged property unattended the higher the risk of more problems later on.




Damage evaluation is the next step in the process of fire restoration. This step is very important as it will

tell you directly how much the repairs will cost and even more important, how much time it will take to

get it all done.  The team will thoroughly inspect your property and give their evaluation. They will check how far the fire had gone, how much damage it caused to furniture, electronics and, more importantly, will there be any lasting damage.  For example; fire made a hole in the ceiling and now there is potential danger of rain flooding the house. Discovering and addressing this kind of damage and risks is probably the most important step in restoring your home. It is crucial to take care of these problems first before you go to the next step – the cleaning.




After you made sure no further damage can be caused to your property it is time to do the cleanup. The

fire restoration team will first and foremost clear all smoke, soot, and dust and then tend to the stuff in your house and try to clean it all up as much as possible. Some items, like furniture or carpets, might be

far too damaged and it is best to just throw them all out and get new ones.


Restoration and Renovation

This has led us to the final step – restoration and renovation. After all the previous steps of precaution

have been taken it is finally time to restore your home to its previous glory as much as possible. As

mentioned above, some items can actually be repaired and cleaned, but some need to be replaced with new ones. What you can do here is go a step further and use this disaster as an opportunity to renovate the whole place. Some companies will offer this kind of service and help your property look even better than before. They can also offer their services and experience to help you prevent fires in the future by putting fire alarms, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors etc.

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