Five Days Out That Will Keep Your Kids Fit While Having Fun


Five Days Out That Will Keep Your Kids Fit While Having Fun

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We live in an age where kids spend more time simulating physical activities with games than they spend outdoors. Why bother getting potentially rained on, when you can have all the fun of a football match from the sofa?


When it comes to convincing your children that moving around is a good idea, a lot of the options you would use on an adult are not available. You can emphasize health concerns, but would you have cared about health warnings as a kid? You were more concerned with homework and whether your crush liked you, not helping keep your joints supple.


You’re going to have to deploy the ultimate motivation factor: fun. If you can sell a day out as being fun and adventurous, keep to that side of it. If you’re smart about it, they never need to know they’ve got some great physical benefits too.


Amusement Parks


While you will sit down for the rides, most theme and amusement parks are huge complexes. Ignore pleas to ride inner-park monorails and insist on walking everywhere; you’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up.


Trampoline Parks


Image by Ruth Hartnup


An incredibly easy one to convince children of the delights of, a trampoline park London should bring yelps of excitement. Promises of learning to somersault while sailing through the air will entice. If you’re feeling daring, join in yourself as well. That way everyone benefits and gets to do something a little unusual at the same time.




Although maybe avoid this one if your child is afraid of heights, better a quiet day at home than dissolving into tears! Abseiling can push you to your physical limits, and you’ll get lots of fresh air and scenery if you choose an outdoor location. If the weather is bad, you can avoid a drenching but get a similar sensation with indoor rock-climbing.


Horse Riding

horse-965586_960_720Image from PixaBay


Although it may look like horse riding is all about the horse, it’s quite the workout for the rider. Even at learner speeds, you have to maintain a strong core to stay in the saddle. This is ideal for any animal-crazy child, and you can push it as a special treat. They may find they’re aching the next day, but that’s just proof you’ve done your job right!




While going to a local leisure centre to swim up and down a single pool might be a tough sell; a proper water park will be exactly the opposite. Describe going down high water slides and wave pools, safe in the knowledge they’ll be getting a full-body workout at the same time.
A long lecture on the importance of exercise just isn’t going to cut it with this age group. You’ll be met with disinterest, or even resistance, especially if they’re not used to it. With a bit of tweaking, you can convince even the most stubborn of children that they’re a promised a great time. And you get double the reward; knowing they’ve exercised, and given them a brilliant day out to remember as well.

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