Fixing Your Home So The Kids Don’t Moan

It’s fun to be the responsible adult in a family home. You’re apparently the person to whom everybody turns when there’s a problem which needs fixing. A brilliant new solution might be to teach your kids how to fix certain problems by themselves when such issues arise around the house. Of course, there are some things which are better left to the adults; you can always remind your children about all your did for them when they’re a little older. Here are some tips for things you should fix around your home so the kids don’t moan.


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To be fair, this probably annoys you and everybody else in the house. You’re in the midst of a deep sleep and somebody (perhaps a human or perhaps the family pet) wakes you up by walking across the squeaky floorboards late at night. A crafty fix is to sprinkle some talcum powder into the cracks of the squeaky area and put an end to the ceaseless moaning. If squeaky doors are the problem then WD-40 can help to lubricate the hinges.


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The bathroom.

It’s a room that everybody in the house uses several times a day, so it’s no wonder that appliances start to break and tiles begin to look worn out after only a short amount of time. If you’re a complete newbie to the world of DIY then you could check out this caulking gun review for some ideas as to tools you could use for fixing leaks in sinks or the bathtub. In a more general sense, YouTube videos are always your friend when it comes to fixing problems in the bathroom (or any room in the house, for that matter).


Tiles may need to be re-grouted, leaky faucets may need to be fixed, and the plug hole to the shower may be blocked with hair. All of these things can be fixed by you, so you don’t need to call in a plumber. An important final point is that the mold in your shower or on the walls should be removed immediately; your kids may moan about it, but it’s in all of your interests to create a healthy, breathable space. A great way to avoid frequent mold build-up is to get a fan in the bathroom and perhaps open the window whilst showering so as to avoid damp getting trapped in the walls.


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Faulty electrics.

“Mom, I can’t charge my iPhone!” You hear a teenage voice cry out from somewhere in the house. It looks like it’s up to you to investigate yet again. Of course, if the problem is definitely that certain outlets in the house just aren’t working then you need to look into the electrics around the entire house. Faulty circuits definitely need to be fixed so as to avoid fires or other technical malfunctions. This isn’t one of the things you should put at the bottom of the ‘To Do’ list like the door handle to your kid’s bedroom being wobbly. Problems with the electrics in your house could lead to further safety hazards.

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