Get on Your Bike: The Top Benefits of Cycling



Have you got a bike? Most adults don’t. In fact, fewer children spend time playing outdoors on their bikes and some never even learn. When we were kids going out on bike rides with our parents was a fantastic way to spend the day. Now, your kids would probably look at you like you’d gone mad. But, there are so many benefits to cycling. So, if you are one of the many adults that haven’t put their bum on a bike since they left school, here are the top reasons you should go out and get one.


To Get More Exercise


As a society, we’re doing less exercise than ever before. We drive to work; we sit at computers all day, we go home and watch TV. Then, at the weekend whole families sit behind different screens barely even communicating with each other. Obesity is at an all-time high and is affecting people’s lives even at a young age. Getting a bike will get you out there exercising much more.


To Avoid Busy Commutes


Commuting to work can be nothing short of hellish. You spend hours a week stood on a busy train or sat still in horrific traffic. Getting more and more stressed out and annoyed so that you feel like you’re ready for a break before you even get to work. Cycling to work gives you a great early morning boost, helps to wake you up and lets you avoid the commute.


To Save Money


Yes, bikes can be expensive. But, they don’t have to be, and you’ll save a fortune on petrol and public transport.


To Stay Safe


Cycling is often thought to be dangerous. After all, a small push bike is no match for a large van or car. But, over the last 80 years cycling on the road has become significantly safer, with fewer accidents reported all of the time. And, if you are unlucky enough to get hurt, this blog

could help.


To Get Away from Screens


Children today are spending more time in front of screens than ever before. While this does have some benefits, it can get too much. Too much time on screens can contribute to issues with weight and health, and lead to kids having problems with communication and social skills. Buying bikes for the whole family can get you all away from your devices for a few hours.


To Have Fun


Cycling isn’t all about exercise, getting from A to B or saving money. It can also be incredibly good fun. Can you remember as a child, speeding down a hill on your bike with your legs spread wide? Has anything in adulthood ever come close to that feeling of complete and utter freedom? Don’t just ride to get places, do it for enjoyment.


To Get Some Fresh Air


Getting outside more means getting more fresh air. Especially if you take your bike to a local park. Fresh air helps detox your body, cleaner your mind and improve your skin tone.


Getting bikes for the whole family could give you a great chance to spend more quality time together and keep fit as a family. Don’t hesitate, get shopping before you change your mind.

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