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Why You Should Change Your Old Mattress


We all know, both in theory and practice, how important a good night sleep is. Yet, we still compromise on this matter so crucial for our health and overall quality of living. Just think how many segments of your life are affected when you haven’t slept well. In short terms, you are drowsy and not focused; you don’t have enough energy which has to be made up by sugar and caffeine boosts, which can lead to obesity and sugar problems on the long run. Not to mention the acute (and hopefully not chronic) grumpiness and crankiness which certainly affect your relationships with the others. I’m sure you can think of many more examples.  And obviously, the most important elements of a good night’s rest are the room you sleep in and the bed, i.e. the mattress and pillow you sleep on. Just as an illustration, and maybe an answer to the cause of some the health problems you might be experiencing, here is the list of negative effects an old mattress can have.



Back Pain


If you’re experiencing back problems without any other obvious cause, the perpetrator might be just behind your back. Namely, a bad mattress can cause you to sleep in an unnatural position, twisting and straining your back, and thus making it ache. If you need to stretch or curl awkwardly in order to be comfortable on your bed, you definitely need a new mattress. Here’s a great article about what mattress you should buy according to your sleeping position


A research has shown that who people replaced their old mattresses after five years, experienced a significant reduction in back pain.


Allergic Reactions


You might be wondering what is going on, it’s not even spring, you have no known food allergies, and yet your body is telling you differently. Again, the guilty party might be just at hand. Old mattresses are a heaven for various allergy-inducing germs, dust mites and the like. They are likely to cause throat and lung irritation, as well as other similar symptoms. The older the mattress, the higher the amount of allergens. What’s more, the material your mattress is made of can also play a significant role in this. So if you have an old mattress made of some synthetic fabric which contains some harmful chemicals, so make sure to choose a new one made of natural materials with no harmful matters. New latex mattresses are hypoallergenic and able to breathe, so they will stay clean and fresh for much longer.


Old Mattress Can Increase Your Stress Levels


Another research showed that people who first slept on their old mattresses for a month, and then replaced them with the new ones for another month experienced a serious reduction of stress level. When asked about the stress elements such as worrying, racing thoughts, irritability, nervousness and the like, it was established they were significantly decreased after a month of sleeping on a new mattress. The reason for this can be tracked in the fact that all the previously mentioned results of poor sleep quality, such as back pain and irritability are linked to the increase in cortisol levels in our body. Furthermore, an uncomfortable mattress can make it hard to fall asleep, leading to insomnia and a slew of other problems.

These are just a few of the most immediate consequences, but there can appear even more serious side effects of long term bad sleeping, such as obesity, overall immune system weakness, heart conditions and even memory impairment. So think well before you decide to save on your mattress or pillow, and consider if it’s really worth it.



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