Getting Environmentally-Friendly in the Kitchen

Environmental Kitchen

Environmental Kitchen



Homes are producing a lot of waste these days. One of the most concerning areas in the average home is the kitchen. If you want to start living your life a little greener, you should make the kitchen a focus area!




Recycling seems like such an obvious point that it’s not really worth going into too much detail about it here. You’ve heard it all before, right? Make sure you have recycling station, in the form of a bag, can, or bucket, in which recyclable materials can be placed after use.


Using things that will last


It’s amazing how many households use disposable cookware and utensils. You probably wouldn’t have thought it was that common a practice. But for a long of people, it makes more sense. They’ll buy things that they can throw away after using them to prepare and eat meals just so they don’t have to wash the dishes afterwards. This is a practice you shouldn’t be tempted to get into. It creates so much unnecessary waste. Some people may think that it saves on water, but the benefit there simply isn’t big enough to justify this.




This doesn’t only apply to disposable items. You also need to think about the general quality of the items you use in the kitchen. Dishes and pans that are built to stand the test of time will save you money in the long run. It will also reduce waste.


Garbage disposal


If you believed everything you see on TV, you’d think that everyone in America has a garbage disposal unit. Actually, the majority of homes don’t have a garbage disposal unit. A lot of people aren’t actually all that keen on having one. They wonder how such a unit could possibly do you any good in the kitchen. (They also probably don’t think much of the grinding noise!)




But garbage disposal systems are actually great for the environment. Food scraps make up between 10-30% of the waste in your average household. For the most part, that’s all sent to landfills. But a garbage disposal unit turns food scraps into liquid, getting rid of it through the plumbing. It reduces landfill usage and saves on the emittances of waste transport. If you’re interested in one, why not try here?


Invest more in fresh food and home cooking


Way too many of us are buying frozen meals and using various methods of defrosting and cooking them. This results in an enormous amount of energy usage. You also have to consider all of the plastic and cardboard materials that come with these things. Not only that, but producing these meals also requires a lot of energy in manufacturing and transport. Takeout meals suffer from the same problem.


It’s important that you start buying fresh foods and start cooking meals yourself. Not only is this healthier, but it’s also so much better for the environment. Sourcing the ingredients yourself means you can keep a close eye on the overall processes that result in your meals. If you really want to take it to the next level, you could try growing your own fruits and vegetables. Not everyone has the time for that, though!

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