Going Places: Minimal Effort, Maximum Reward

We always hear about how much effort it takes to pick up your life and moves. Going places, whether to a new city for a new job, moving city to move into the home of your dreams, or simply moving down the block, is much easier than you think. It’s all about getting your ducks in line which is basically done during the planning phase. This doesn’t require for you to get up and physically get ready, packing and itemising everything you own. However, it does mean you’ll need more than just a pen and paper to write down a list. Just think about the plethora of items in your home and what techniques you should be using to simplify things. This way you can stock and package all your things in an orderly manner, not only to be able to quickly unload them into your new home but so you can find anything by going through a methodical locating process. It’s wise to sit down with the family and discuss the certain kinds of packing rules you want to be followed, such as fragile items packed together, and clothes separate from any food

you’re taking etc.


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Categorizing brings order


Think about the different types of home objects you have and put them into groups. This could be done simply by categorizing the material they’re made of such as glass, wood, fabric, leather, clay/porcelain, metal and plastics etc. it’s wise to keep them packed close to each other as they will be easier to unload when you get to your new place. It’s also a great way to remember the items you have as normally when you want to identify something you go straight to what it’s made out of rather than what it’s function or meaning to the home is. This is just one way to pack. However, you could actually just relate to the function if you want to, such as lights and lamps, tables and chairs, sofas and footrests, technology and other electronics, etc. it’s up to you, whatever makes it easier not only to pack but to find things and tick them off your list when unpacking.


KODIAK, Alaska – Professional movers do all of the heavy lifting during a Kodiak-based Coast Guard family’s move to their next duty station June 11, 2012. For families like the Lally’s, having professional movers help with their change of station eases stress during what could be a busy time. U.S. Coast Guard photo by petty Officer 3rd Class Jonathan Klingenberg.

Source Jonathan Klingenberg


Doing the minimum


Contrary to what you may have seen in movies, moving day doesn’t have to be hectic and almost out of control all the time. In fact, the hardest part isn’t the actual travel and booking moving trucks; it’s the legal stuff. Once you’ve signed and made everything official with the home, next, it’s how you deal with the Moving Companies. You might have special things or very valuable items that you want guarantees that if broken or damaged by the company you hire, that you will be compensated and or have it replaced. If this is something you’re already thinking about, it’s wise to treat every moving company as individuals and really study their policy regarding insurance. A particular company may have more experience handling pricey items, and consequently may be better at wrapping and protecting your things using their own techniques and procedures.


Tackle this great event in your life with high energy and rather than waste it getting angry and tired quickly, plan ahead and take your time. Categorize all your things so everything that’s connected is close by and neatly moved as one group. Consider who you’re going to hire to help you move, read their policy and take into account their experience level.

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