Home Decor Inspiration From Across The Globe

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We all absorb influences, unconsciously and consciously, in all areas of our lives. We take influence from people who are important to us and from what we read. We use processes from our work lives in our homes, and vice versa.


In our decor, too, we take a tip from trends that are in vogue. Feature walls, clean lines, and hidden storage are part of that. But one type of influence we don’t always talk about is the international flavor. When we go abroad for a holiday, we marvel at the styles of architecture and decor we see. So what can we take from other cultures to make our homes look and work better?


French Cafe Culture In Our Gardens
Saying it this early in the year may make it seem less attractive, but come May you’ll want to spend more time outside. Popular cafes in Paris make use of what French people call the “terrasse.” The outdoor, seated area usually consists of pretty, lattice-patterned tables and chairs. A parasol is a perfect way of stopping the sun from becoming overpowering, and also deflects brisker winds.


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Scandinavian Softness In Our Bedrooms



The average Scandinavian winter is much like a typical Canadian one. Dark and snowy, and even in spring and summer it’s not exactly scorchingly hot. So cozy interiors with soft lighting are a fundamental aspect of Scandi decor.


It’s something worth considering in your bedroom, where winding down in a warm environment is key. Light fleeces are a great addition to bedding in winter and a replacement for it in summer.


Chinese Functionality In The Living Room


First making a big hit in the west in the 1990s, Feng shui is a concept that divided people at the time. Whether or not you believe in all its principles, it certainly has its applications in the living room.


To allow the flow of energy (or Qi), Chinese living rooms are furnished sparsely but comfortably. It can certainly help eliminate stress and fuss in your living space. Sites like bloomingsense.com are a perfect source of ideas.

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Italian Elegance In The Kitchen


Few countries in the world take cooking as seriously as Italy. The influence of their cuisine is in evidence on our dining tables for sure. It’s therefore no bad thing to take a few tips from them on arranging your kitchen.
The key aspects of an Italian kitchen are elegance and efficiency (for both cooking and housework) – two things that often don’t go together. Not too many gadgets, just the important ones. A coffee maker is essential, of course. A rack attached to the wall is the place to hang your pans like this: http://www.moneycrashers.com/make-diy-hanging-pot-rack/ – unless you’re feeling brave enough to have one that is fixed to the ceiling. The key is to keep room on your surfaces so you can work freely and quickly.


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If all of the above makes you feel like your home is a bit mish-mash, you don’t need to do all of them. But for many, the functional simplicity of these approaches makes for a house that works smoothly and looks superb. Effortless class, affordable prices – what more 
could you ask for?

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