Home Is Where the Heart Is: Future-Proofing Your Home for Your Children

The future is a topic that very few people enjoy talking about. Sure, the immediate future is fun. For example, maybe you plan to go on a trip with your kids soon, or perhaps there’s an upcoming party that you can’t wait to attend. That’s fun and games, but when we talk about the distant future, our mood can quickly shoot down when we realise how much work we’ve got ahead of us.


Our homes are one of the few things that we’ll leave behind with our children once we retire. Perhaps we might stay in the same home as our children, or maybe we’ll move to another location—either way, it’s never a bad idea to future-proof our homes so that our children have less work when it comes to managing and improving it.


Here are a couple of long-term improvements that’ll make your home more comfortable to live in, and ways to improve your house for the future when your children grow up and take over.


Protecting Against Disaster


If you live in an area that’s prone to weather disasters, then you’ve probably thought about installing anti-flooding measures, hurricane panels and possibly even a generator in the basement in case your power goes out. These are just the tip of the iceberg too. When it comes to making your house a castle and preparing for all kinds of incidents, you also might want to consider build and stocking up a disaster shelter.


Most disaster shelters are built underground so that they’re immune to the effects of weather and radioactive fallout. It might seem a little cliche to have an underground bunker with years worth of supplies, but survivalists swear by it and, at the end of the day, they’re going to be the ones with an advantage of something was to happen to your city or local area.

However, a disaster shelter is a very time-consuming job. In the meantime, you can invest in 
protecting your home from things such as hurricanes, storms and power outages by utilising several home improvements. You won’t want large objects to slam through your windows during a storm, and you don’t want power cuts to interrupt your cooking or crucial work.


Extensions for the Family


If you plan to turn your home into a mansion capable of housing your grandchildren as well, then you need to start thinking about a house extension. Most extensions require permission from local authorities, but once you’ve got confirmation you can pretty much build whatever you want. You can extend existing bedrooms, build another floor onto the house, increase the basement area or even build an entirely separate building if you have a lot of space in the back yard.


You might also want to consider building additional bathrooms, studies and changing rooms. It can be costly to rewire your home and extend plumbing, but it’s worth the investment if your children plan to grow old and stay in their current home. It’s also a good opportunity to reinforce the structure of your home if it’s suffered damage in the past.

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