Your Home Looks Good, But Is It Inviting?

We can work hard to make sure that are home looks stylish and cool, but it’s also important to remember that a house isn’t just to be looked at: it’s also to be lived in. As such, when it comes to your decor, you need to keep in mind that an inviting, warm house is a happy house. Below, we take a look at a few tips that’ll ensure you and your guests are fully able to enjoy the comforts of your home.


A chimney with fire inside


Set the Tone


A lot of people think that it’s the living room, kitchen, or bathroom that’s the most important area of the home, but there’s a strong argument that that title belongs to the entranceway. This sets the tone for the rest of your house; if that looks inviting, then the battle has already been won. Outside, lead people to your home with lighting. Inside, use soft colors and avoid clutter. Touches of decoration, such as pine cones or a work of art on the wall, will also contribute to an inviting look.


Bring the Warmth


It doesn’t matter how well appointed your home is: if it’s cold, then nobody is going to enjoy spending time there. Make sure your home is ready to offer a refuge from the chilly winter months by loading up on blankets and thick cushions. It’s also important that your heating appliances are in full working order, so click here to have yours checked out by a professional. It’s all about having a home that allows people to relax fully; if they’re not comfortable, no-one’s going to stand back and admire the beauty of your decor choices.


Mood Lighting


Lighting is an underrated aspect of the home. It has the power to change everything. While lighting can more or less just be “functional” in certain rooms, other rooms require a little bit of extra thought. For example, in your living room, you should make the most of side lamps, and avoid any harsh or overly bright overhead lighting fixtures. In your kitchen and dining area, go for dimmer lights; they’ll enable you to set the mood when you’re cooking and eating.


Bringing the Outdoors In


Nature is good for us; science tells us so. Just being around plants is enough to make us feel calmer and happier. How many plants do you have in your home? If they’re in short supply or non-existent, look at adding a few to the corner of your rooms. The home is full of manmade goods. Bring a little bit of nature indoors and mix things up.


Feeding the Senses


What we see and feel is only a small part of our overall experience. To have an inviting home, you need to feed the senses, to make people feel relaxed and calm just through what they’re experiencing through their body. In the winter, fill the home with candles; in summer, with natural light. Also, don’t forget to make sure your home smells good: it’s easy to do, and is also a big giveaway if it doesn’t.

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