Ideal Gifts For A Friend Who Lives Overseas

Ideal Gifts For A Friend Who Lives Overseas

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In the not-too-distant past, most people lived near their friends and families. They would group together for a meal once a week, visiting with each, treating one another’s houses like their own.


world map to show overseas

world map to show overseas

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Nowadays, that’s not the case. Globalization is a wonderful thing that has opened many of us up to experiences our ancestors could only have dreamed of. It does, however, have its pitfalls. Most of us now find us separated from our loved ones by geography. While the advent of social media and electronic communication makes one side of this easier to handle, it does have its issues.


Most obvious of these is the lack of physical presence. You can’t hug them or sit for a chat, and you most likely don’t know what your friends’ tastes are like now. When it comes to buying a gift, you can’t just glance around their living room for ideas. You’ve got to be more creative.


Social Media Helps


Most social media sites have helpful profile sections where you can select the things you like. It’s time to start doing some digital prying. If you don’t see someone often, it’s unlikely you know the full ins and outs of what they’re listening to or reading. These lists allow a way to keep yourself up to date.


You can then either raise the topic with an idea for getting more information or go all out and buy something with this interest in mind. They will likely be touched by the fact you took the time to research.



gift ideas for friends overseas

gift ideas for friends overseas

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If in doubt, throw everything in there! Hampers delivery means that you can select a wide variety of treats, some of which your loved one is certain to like. This may seem a little impersonal, but it does have its benefits in being broad-ranging. You can’t be expected to find a hamper that your friend loves everything in, so you can cover all the bases with a wide selection.


Sentimental Gifts


If you don’t see someone often, chances are you are both prone to more than a little nostalgia about times you have been together. Consider creating a playlist on a streaming service of songs that remind you of your friend, or putting together an online photo album. If you’re feeling adventurous, scrapbooking is an easy and inexpensive way of preserving memories.


Plan A Visit.


If it’s been a long time since you’ve seen one another, then maybe it’s time to change that. You don’t have to turn up on the day or holiday itself. You can send what looks like a boring card containing a print out of your rail or plane details. Or if you’d rather they came to you, send them the full ticket instead.


As with most gifts, the thought is what counts. There’s no doubt not seeing someone every day means you might miss out on the small, niche details of their life- but as the above show, you have options. Showing you have made the effort to find something that they will enjoy is going to make all the difference. Do it right and it should make you closer, despite the distance.


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