In My Cup Of Tea

Tea for two, and two for tea says the song. But there is more to tea than just a drink. It’s a ritual for some; it’s a health remedy for others. Whatever the reason behind your cup of tea, it’s your moment, your me time. So it may be interesting to dive into the world of teas and to discover how you love to enjoy yours and what this says about you. Put the kettle on, sit down and enjoy a read of tea.


You’ll have a cuppa?

Health Teas To Make You Feel Better

Some people are not tea drinkers. But they still keep a box of chamomile or mint tea in the cupboard above the kitchen sink. These boxes are generally kept for the days where nothing else can help. Camomile, for example, is a favorite when you have a stubborn tummy pain, as its anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce the digestive track. Health teas often don’t have much of a taste to them, but that’s not why you keep them. Peppermint tea is perfect to conclude a heavy meal: it helps you to digest and feel lighter.  


Green Tea To Slim Down

The green tea addicts have one thing in common: They are all very slim. That’s because green tea can help to boost your metabolism and therefore burn more fat. A study has proven that green tea increase the energy your body consumes by 4%, which is not much, but every little help counts when you want to stay slim. However, green teas can often taste bitter if they are prepared properly. Indeed, if you love a cup of this natural fat burning and antioxidant brew, you will need to pick a kettle – is a good address for it –  that comes with a choice of temperatures, as green tea needs to be brewed at 175 degrees Fahrenheit. Get ready to drink yourself slim!


A nice cup of green


A Nice Cuppa In The Afternoon

If you love the idea of a cup of tea and a sweet slice of cake, you have probably heard of the English afternoon tea that Victorians use to enjoy. has a brilliant display of afternoon teas if you need something to visualize this yummy snack that consists of black tea, cakes, and sandwiches. Britons say the tea tastes better if it’s served in a porcelain tea set. We don’t know about that, but it certainly looks a lot sweeter!


Guilt-Free Vegan Teas

A new type of teas has taken the warm drink market by surprise in the recent years: The chai. Chai teas are a mix of tea and spices, and you can even find milk-free alternatives to keep it vegan-friendly and healthy. Most chai drinkers like to use almond milk, but soy milk and rice milk are also common alternatives if you have a nut allergy. Don’t forget the whipped cream on top of the chai latte; this is what really makes the difference between an average spice tea and a delicious treat.
Who doesn’t love a creamy chai latte?

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