The Innocuous Health Issues That Can Have Consequences

In life it’s easy to brandish a health issue as innocuous. It’s easy to think something is not harmful because it causes you no pain in the present. It’s easy to think that a health issue you have isn’t problematic or offensive simply because it is ‘common’. Yes, it is easy to think these things. However, thinking this way can lead to detrimental consequences. Below you can find some of the most innocuous, yet surprisingly dangerous, health issues known to man, as well as a few ways to combat them.

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First of all, as innocuous as it may seem, the building up of earwax can have a detrimental impact on your health. If left untended and untreated it can cause sudden or partial hearing loss. It can cause sever pains in your ear. It can cause drainage from your ear. And it can even emit an odour from your ear too. So, you should always seek to combat the buildup of earwax, no matter if you deem it to be troublesome or not. One way is to consistently tend to the building of earwax by using cotton buds to clean it away. Another way, if you feel that the build up is too strong to be combatted by the simple earbud, is to seek professional earwax removal. By doing so you would be able to cut this innocuous health issue out of your life before it can take a detrimental hold on it.



Another area of your head/face that you should give precedence to in this vain are your eyes. Going blind is, of course, a big fear for most. As much support as there is out there for people who are unfortunately afflicted with this plight, nobody wants to go or be blind. That’s just the truth. And you can protect your eyes from such a circumstance by refusing to deem any problems you may have with your eyes as innocuous. There are many serious eye symptoms to (excuse the pun) look out for. These include flashing lights, floaters or grey shadows in your vision. Pain felt in the back of your eye. A persistent feeling of discomfort in your eye. And suffering from a constant bout of red eye. If you suffer with any of these symptoms, then stop deeming them too innocuous and ‘common’ to get checked out, and get them checked out by an optician or your doctor.



If you are worried about how to spot the signs of a potentially detrimental circumstances regarding your health arising, then fear not. Your skin plays a massive role in alerting you to any potential dangers your health may face in the future or be facing now. It can even alert you to circumstances that aren’t related to it. For instance, dry patches on your skin could be a sign that you have an underactive thyroid. So, make sure to keep a tab on what your skin is telling you, and make sure not to ignore anything it does tell you!



Everybody takes a different approach when it comes to the attaining of good health. But an approach everybody should take is listening to their body and acting upon what they hear.

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