Invisible Walls You Might Face On Your Career Path

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Finding your way to where you want to be on your career path can be quite difficult. Particularly if there are things in your way that you are unaware of. If you don’t know they’re there, how do you fight against them? How do you tackle them? The simple answer is that you can’t, and instead you simply have to continue along the path hoping things will change when you could be hitting the same invisible wall over and over again. But what bricks make up this wall and how can you bring it down? These are the questions that we’re going to answer today.


Bad References


You might have put a few references on your resumes hoping that past employers are going to have absolutely no problem talking you up to a potential boss but is this going to happen? You have to be very careful who you use a reference. It’s crucial that you do think about any mistakes that you might have made working for that company and any blunders that might cause them to give you a negative review or warn a business owner about you.


Be aware that putting down no references won’t save you from this. An employer is perfectly capable of sifting through your history if they choose too and finding out exactly who you have worked for in the past and indeed what type of service you delivered.


This is why it’s so important that you take any job seriously and make sure you are always delivering the best possible service that you can.


You can’t fix references but what you can do is choose and select the ones you use carefully to make sure that these are the recommendations potential employees focus on.


Embarrassing Past Mistakes


We’ve talked a little about past mistakes before but we’re specifically talking about issues with the law. It’s not just criminals that get in trouble with the law, everyone can make a mistake. Now you might have worked to get court records expunged. But on-demand court records or ODCR can stick around after an expungement and if you think this might be a problem, speak to a specialist legal team. They might be able to make sure that that records of a misdemeanour disappear once and for all, ensuring they don’t prevent you from being hired for your dream job.  




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Finally, don’t underestimate the danger of being discriminated against when applying for a job that you are completely qualified for. This could be a problem with age, gender, race, weight or any other personal trait you can think of that has nothing to do with job performance. If you do think you have faced discrimination when applying for a job, you can pursue legal actions, however, be aware this is often very difficult to prove. The good news is that not every business will discriminate against you and you should ask yourself, would you really want to work for a company that treated you like that anyway? It’s best to instead wait for a business who will respect you and appreciate the benefits you could bring to their company.

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