Your Job vs Your Health?



Let’s face it – very few of us really want to be at work. Even those of us who claim to love our jobs would usually rather be doing something else. So, in a way, it doesn’t really seem fair to highlight several health dangers that your job may be posing to you. It just seems like it’s adding to the insult, right?


That being said, here’s a list of several health dangers that your job may be posing to you.




The most common health problem in this category is stress. A lot of people just seem to accept stress as something that comes naturally with the territory, something that there’s no point in trying to defeat. After all, a job isn’t supposed to be some stress-free, spa-like paradise, right? The problem, of course, is that too much stress is catastrophic for your long-term health. If you’re getting stressed out at work over long periods, then you need to consider some changes. There are ways in which your job can be made less stressful, so consider bringing up the issue with your boss.


Poor insurance


A lot of people get their life health and dental insurance from their place of work. The problem is that the plan hasn’t really been picked by you – it’s been picked by your employer, and it’s part of a corporate package that might not meet all your needs. You need to check everything about the plan you’ve been provided to make sure it covers what you need. You might be able to get a better insurance plan somewhere else at a lower price – after all, you’re not obligated to keep the insurance plan your employer has given you. Consider finding the Delta Dental insurance phone number if you want to know more.




Lack of exercise


Office jobs can take a massive toll on your health over time. That’s because you end up sitting down for about eight hours a day. If you’re not getting enough exercise, then you’re really doing your body a disservice. The problem is that a lot of people think that going to the gym after work a few times a week will sort out the problem. This is false. It’s the length of uninterrupted time you spend sitting that really does the damage, so you need to make sure you’re able to break it up and have a good move around every couple of hours.


Low mood
If you don’t enjoy your job, or if it’s filling you with the aforementioned stress, then you’re going to start developing problems with your mood. People who stay in jobs they don’t enjoy for years may even find themselves struggling with depressive disorders. Just like stress, low moods are much more damaging to both your physical and mental health than most people seem to thing. You may want to consider reassessing your goals and getting a job that will better align with them, or perhaps talking to your employer to see if there’s a remote work arrangement you can make that will provide you with a better work-life balance.

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