Just Found Out You’re Pregnant? Here Are Your Next Steps



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Finding out you’re pregnant comes with so many different emotions, it can be difficult to know where to start. Fear and excitement will spur you into wanting to get things organized, and it’s important that you start getting everything sorted early on. Here are a few things you’ll want to do in the days following your positive pregnancy test.

Start taking folic acid

Proper nutrition while you’re pregnant, is vital for the baby’s growth and a healthy pregnancy, so it’s good to start taking some prenatal vitamins pretty early on.

Stop smoking and drinking

If you smoked, you’re going to have to stop immediately. Cigarettes expose your baby to harmful chemicals such as tar and nicotine and can have awful impacts on the health of the baby and its development. Avoid being around smokers too, as secondhand smoke will also have an effect. Alcohol drunk throughout pregnancy will also have an adverse impact on the baby’s health, so it’s important you stop as soon as you find out you’re pregnant.

Avoid certain foods

Some foods can cause harm to your unborn baby if you eat them through pregnancy. Avoid meat that isn’t cooked all the way through, unpasteurized cheeses, eggs with runny yolk, sushi, and various other things, as these can cause toxoplasmosis, which can affect the baby’s brain and eye development. Caffeinated drinks are also problematic.

Check any medication

Read the labels of any medication you take to check they’re suitable for use while pregnant. If you’re in any doubt, speak to your doctor.

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Decide on your healthcare provider

It’s a huge decision to choose who will be with you throughout your pregnancy, and not one to be taken lightly. Spend some time researching what is available in your area, and consider your own medical history before you make a decision. For example, in the Colorado Springs area you can contact Springs Midwifery & Women’s Care, LLC for more information, and similar companies are available nationwide.

Don’t tell too many people yet

As you still have a high chance of miscarriage before the end of your first trimester, it’s best to inform only the people close to you. Once you’ve hit that mark, you’re ready for the Facebook announcements and phone calls to extended family.

Document your pregnancy

For posterity, keep a pregnancy diary. It’ll be useful to refer to if you decide to have more children, but it’s also a lovely keepsake.

Find a prenatal workout plan

It’s important you stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy. Swimming and specialized prenatal workouts are great to keep you in shape, while not causing you any more discomfort than pregnancy already does.

Start shopping

You’ll appreciate the comfort of maternity clothes from quite early on, and it’s a great excuse for a shopping trip. Stretchy waistbands and maternity bras can wait a little while, but comfy shoes are an absolute must from the start. Also, start researching the things you’ll need once the baby is born, as you don’t want to leave it too late and be rushing to buy everything at eight months.

It’s a scary time, but remember you’re not alone. Take advice from family, friends, and health practitioners, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Good luck!

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