Kids Party Disasters You Need To Avoid

Throwing a kid’s birthday party can be a lot of fun. There is all that preparation to do, as well as making the cake and the decorations. But it can also be a bit of a stress, as you want everything to go off well without a hitch. To this end, I have collated some of the things that you don’t want to happen at your child’s birthday bash, and the ways in which you can avoid them.

No one attends
The worst thing that can happen at a birthday party is that you go to all of that trouble arranging it. Your little ones get all excited, but then hardly anyone turns up. In fact, it can be very disappointing for both you and them.

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So how can you avoid this? Well, it really is all about planning. For instance, before you set the date of the party, check the calendar. If it’s a public holiday, many families might be away or have been invited to go somewhere else. So try to avoid these where possible.
The same goes for other big events during the same week, like the Superbowl or the 4th of July. Folks are probably already overrun with party invites at these times. So you are going to get a lot fewer people attending.

It’s also a good idea to do an RSVP rather than an open house. Then people will have to confirm their attendance and will be more likely to keep to their word. It can also help you plan for the numbers to expect too. So you can get the refreshments right.
You have guests that can’t eat the food

Talking of refreshments, another disaster that could happen is that some kids that can’t eat any of the food that is on offer. This could be because they are celiacs, have a food allergy, or are vegetarian. It can also be due to religious preferences.

So it’s a great idea to include a box about dietary requirement son the invite so you can prepare an active ahead of time.
Remember that If you have a celiac attending a party at your own home,  that you are catering yourself, to provide them with gluten free alternatives. It is quite easy to get gluten free cake at you local supermarket now, and you can even get Deeks bread online. So they can have sandwiches too.

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Include a filling like a turkey or cheese, though, and avoid ham or sausage, as there is often gluten in those too. Remember as well that you will need to prepare free from foods separate to other items, and have clean hands while you are making it. The same goes for any special dietary requirement.


The birthday child is more focused on gifts
Another major disaster that you don’t want to happen is that your child gets too excited about all the presents that they are receiving. But then they aren’t really focused on the party at all.
To avoid this, you can have a gift table where the presents are to be kept wrapped up until then end of the party.


Or if your little one is very young, it might be a better idea to collect them up in a bag. Then store them out of site so they can’t forget all about them and just get on with having fun.

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