Mom’s Biggest Bugbears: How To Turn Your Home Into A Harmless Haven

As a mom, you want to make sure that your home is a safe, comfortable place where you can relax and enjoy family life. If you’ve got problems that are preventing you from creating a heavenly haven, it’s always wise to act swiftly. When it comes to common bugbears, time usually makes the situation worse, rather than better. Here are some common issues, and how to get rid of them. Your home will be a secure, relaxing sanctuary in no time!



Damp patches should always set alarm bells ringing. Damp is a sign of excess moisture in the walls. It can also indicate problems with the roof. If you notice darker patches on the walls or ceilings, it’s best to call in the professionals and have them take a look. Damp tends to get worse with time, and it can cause long-term damage. If you have children or you suffer from asthma, it’s particularly important to try and find a solution. Moisture can make symptoms of asthma worse.

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Has your home been invaded by rats or have you spotted cockroaches in the kitchen? Have you been itching at night or have you noticed mosquitoes in the backyard? Pests can be a nightmare. They’re not only unpleasant to live with. They can also cause extensive damage to your property. If you’re worried about pests, look out for warning signs, like scrabbling noises, droppings, and new openings in the walls. Some pests can pose a risk to your health, so it’s advisable to seek expert help as soon as possible. Enlisting the help of mosquito control experts, for example, will enable to enjoy your garden without any worries.

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Does your home seem to attract dust? Does it seem to become dusty even when you’ve only just vacuumed? If you live near a road, you have an old house, or you own pets, you may be susceptible to dust. Vacuum frequently, and invest in an air purifier. Wash bedding and towels at least once a week, and try and confine pets to downstairs rooms. Groom them daily to prevent excess molting. After you’ve vacuumed, dust down furniture, and sweep slate and tiled floors. If you have pets, and they shed a lot of fur, it may be worth spending more on a vacuum that is specially designed to remove fur. You may find that an everyday cleaner doesn’t cut the mustard.

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Are you a mom who wishes her home was a heavenly, harmless haven? If we looked closely, most of us would probably find hazards lurking in our homes. Hopefully, these tips will help you identify issues, and find appropriate solutions. If you notice warning signs like animal droppings or damp patches, act now. The longer you leave it, the higher the risk of damage. Sometimes, it’s possible to take steps to resolve problems yourself. However, in some instances, such as tackling damp or dealing with a pest infestation, you’ll need expert help. Search for local firms online, read reviews, and ask around for recommendations.


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