A Mom’s Guide To Juggling Home Life With A Successful Career

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Modern moms seem to have it all, but juggling a career and a family life can be exhausting. Trying to reconcile the desire to provide for your family, while you also want to spend as much time with your family can be guilt-inducing and tiring to the extreme. But it is totally possible; it just takes a lot of organization, trust in other people, and some smart career choices.

Consider going self-employed
If you really want to control your working hours so that you’re able to prioritize time with your family, moving towards freelance work can make that a whole lot easier. Working from a home office allows you to be around the house when you’re needed, and dictating your own working hours means that it’s possible to get things done while children are at school or in bed. It isn’t surprising, then, that more and more moms are choosing to bring their work life and home life closer together in this way.

Take advantage of training courses
To really boost your career, training courses are a great way to prove your worth and useful contribution to the team, without necessarily having the length of service of some of your colleagues – something which many moms find can hold them back in their job. Courses which demonstrate strong leadership abilities, new training techniques, or new data handling techniques will set you out from the crowd. Showing you can lead and train a team is the best way to push yourself into higher management, so courses such as Training Connections Captivate classes are great to boost your skills and demonstrate your willingness and ability to learn to your employer.

Find quality child care
The best way to abate your guilt when you choose to work full time is to ensure you have child care that you trust. It’s easy to feel guilty that you’re dropping your kids off every day to spend time with someone that isn’t you, but when you’ve got child care that they love, that guilt is abated. Friends and family are great for babysitting occasionally, but a nanny that works with your family long-term is more able to offer educational and structured childcare.

Get organized
When time is of the essence, organization is key. This goes for your professional life as well as your home life. Working long hours to come home and see the kids for a few hours before bed can be tricky, so make the few hours you spend together of a high quality. Keep a family planner up to date with the kids activities, your work responsibilities, and fill any free time with fun, loving, and educational activities you can all do together. Quality time is the best way to make up for lack of time.

Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up
Furthering your career is to offer your children a better life. It can feel like you don’t have time for them, and sometimes you’re too tired to do anything with that time, but remember that your role in your company offers your family more opportunities than they might otherwise have.

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