How To Move Home Without Unsettling Your Children



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Moving home is a huge change for everyone involved, especially your children. If it’s your child’s first move or you’re moving far from where they’ve grown up, the upheaval of a bad move can be upsetting or even traumatic. Prevent this by following our tips to help your child accept the move and happily settle into their new home.


Give plenty of notice


Involve your child in the moving process from the very beginning. Don’t spring the move on them last minute, only announcing it when the moving date approaches. Take your child along to any home viewings. If they feel like they’re involved, they will feel like they have a little more control over the situation. Get them to voice their opinions on different places. Place emphasis on the parts of the home they like. Once you’ve chosen a house, take your child along to a second viewing. Build a picture of what the house will be like once you’re living there. Show them which room will be there’s and place emphasis on how nice it’s going to be. Let their imagination run wild. It won’t be long until they’re excited and can’t wait to move in.


kids being kids

kids being kids

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Visit the area


Take your little one for a day out in the area you’re moving to. Focus on the most child-friendly and fun locations. Playgrounds, the cinema and swimming baths are all good options. Make sure the day is filled with fun activities in order to create good associations. Take your child for something to eat in a place that has a good children’s menu and child-friendly staff. Make the whole day as positive as possible.


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Make it an adventure


Most children will have a dollhouse when they’re young. Encourage your child to spend more time playing with their dollhouse, arranging different furniture in the rooms. They’ll soon come to associate moving home with a fun game. If your child doesn’t have a dollhouse there are plenty of other games and activities that will work in a similar way. Give your child paper and pens and ask them to draw their perfect bedroom for when you move. Play family games with dolls and action figures. Suggest a game where their favourite doll moves to an exciting new place.




Getting to your new home


If you are using a removalist, ask for the children’s belongings to be put into the lorry last. This means that when you get to your new home they’ll be first off and your kid will have easy access to all of their belongings. This will be a good way to keep them occupied while you arrange the rest of the removal process.


Make your child feel grown up


Avoid packing your child’s room up in one fell sweep. Allow them some responsibility when it comes to packing their own belongings. Let them place all of their soft toys in a box and decorate the box with their name and pictures. Take the process slowly and don’t throw away any toys without asking them first. Moving is a great time to declutter your little ones belongings but always check they no longer want the toy. Make a charity box for your child to put unwanted toys in. Emphasize how good they are being donating their old toys to boys and girls who don’t have as many and reward them for their hard work.

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