Needs Vs. Wants: The Conundrum Of Technology And Your Kids

Most homes have a computer and the internet now. A lot of you are probably pretty tech savvy. But there’s a difference between being good with tech and making sure that tech is good for your family. Here, we’ll be looking at the needs and wants of your family. How to make sure you’re using what’s best for the kids in approaching the digital world.

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The needs of the family

When it comes to a family all using devices, you’ll find they have a lot of needs. In particular, most of our devices, even our TVs, are connected to the internet. So you want to make sure you have the right device and internet package to give access to the whole family. If you find your internet connection is getting slow, it could be due to overuse. You might want to think about getting in touch with your provider to find a higher-speed deal. Or looking at routers better suited to more users from places like the Smart Future.

Browsing in the night

In the evening is when we all tend to chill and relax in front of a computer screen or the television. However, it can lead to some health risks if you’re not keeping it in check. For instance, if someone’s using a computer or a tablet, make sure they’re doing it in a well-lit room. Try to keep them from browsing an hour before bedtime, as well. Eyestrain and migraines might see a lot of pain and even glasses down the line for your family. Meanwhile, too much artificial light at night makes sleep significantly harder to find.

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How much is healthy?

Then there’s the important question of how much tech in the home is good for the family. We’re not suggesting you get rid of your kids’ video games. The science shows that an hour of it a day can actually be beneficial for them. It can even improve how they do in school. A lot more than that can have a negative effect, however. It can lead to problems with paying attention and social situations. There’s also the obvious fact that a sedentary lifestyle is good for no-one.

Making sure your tech is kid friendly

If your children are going to use it, you’re going to want to pay close attention to what they’re able to access. The internet has no filter unless you put one on it. Many internet providers have options to block sites that you wouldn’t want your kids accessing. As far as videogames and television is concerned, you should pay attention to the content of what your kids are watching and playing. Don’t assume that all video games are for kids. There’s plenty of content that’s perfectly fine for adults, but not for kids. You might get some complaints for mothering them, but it’s worth it.

You want to make sure that your home has good access, but it’s also important to make sure your family is using their tech in healthy, helpful ways. With the tips above, you should find there’s plenty to help you do that.

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