New Horizons: Preparing For A Big Move


A big move to a new town or city comes with its fair share of anxieties and stresses, and this can be doubly so if you have young children. The task of getting ready to move, combined with the settling into a new area can take its toll, so when it comes to getting things done, what can you do to make it a swifter and easier process overall?

The first part is about getting your soon to be vacated property cleared out properly. You will need the help of movers, not just for the basic moving of your household items, but some moving companies also provide storage facilities. If you are moving a big distance, and you’re selling your home, you will want to get rid of a lot of your clutter quickly too, so if you are under pressure to get out ASAP then relying on professionals will help to make the process run smoother. Once you have finalized everything from the vacated home, you can begin to set up your new life in your new location.

Once you’ve made the big move, the first things on the list to tick off are any maintenance issues. Check the plumbing and the sinks and faucets for any abnormal leaking. You can also check to see if there is an invisible leak by checking the water meter once and then checking a few hours later but without using any water in that time period. You should also change the locks because you don’t know about everyone who has lived there before you. Also, find out where your water stop tap is and where your circuit breaker/fuse box is right away. That will be your lifesaver if you get a power cut. And get your insurance comprehensively covered. It will depend on the area and the house how much you should pay per month, but it’s in your best interest if you have valuables and are making a bit of a blind leap into this new neighborhood, especially if you had to relocate swiftly due to a job offer for example.


Once the big stuff has been dealt with, it’s time to get to know the area properly. This will be your home for the foreseeable future, and if you have children going to a new school. If you have toddlers, the effect may not be as bad as those who are older. As they will be starting again, you should be prepared for emotional highs and lows, especially if you have teenagers who feel they don’t fit in. What you need to do is to get them into their old routine as quick as possible. This isn’t meant to “paper over the cracks” but merely provide them with something they know to be able to adapt to their surroundings better.

It can take a while for everyone to adjust, but by making the transition as smooth as possible, from the moving to the children settling in, it will make living somewhere new a better life for everyone.

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