Night & Day De-Stressing Tips For Busy Moms

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With all the daily challenges and tasks surrounding the lives of us busy moms it can sometimes feel like we never have enough time for ourselves. Between all the taxiing, shopping, dinner, pack lunches, organising homework, bathtime, bedtime and cleaning there really is very little time left to call our own.


But investing in ourselves and finding time to pamper ourselves and unwind is a crucial part of being a happy and loving mom. If we get overwhelmed, tired and stressed our kids feel it so we owe it to ourselves and our kids to find pockets of time where we can do something nice for ourselves and treat ourselves from time to time. So here are two of our favourite ways to relax and destress to keep us feeling happy and healthy.


When the Kids are at School


This time can be full to the rafters will daily tasks such as food shopping, cleaning and work. This can certainly take up the majority of our days but there is always time to squeeze a little extra something into our days to look after our general wellbeing and find an extra 30-60 minutes a day.


One of the best things we can do stay in peak condition is exercise. And of all the best exercises we can do to stay feeling calm, relaxed and happy is yoga. A full mind, body and soul workout it truly is one of the best ways we can spend time with ourselves working on both our physical and mental fitness and wellbeing.


Why not look for local yoga centres in your area, check out their time table and see which classes you’d be able to go to. Alternatively there are some fantastic free videos online that you can try if you’d prefer to try it out first, in the privacy of your home. Yoga is all about feeling great so why not treat yourself to a beautiful pair of new yoga leggings to have you really feeling the part and get you into the yoga and meditation mood.


Once the Kids are in Bed


Once the kids are finally in bed and in the land of nod it’s all too tempting to just launch ourselves on the sofa and put in some quality time with our latest beloved Netflix series. However sometimes we can do ourselves the world of good by treating ourselves to something a little different.


Creating a home spa is a lovely idea to pamper ourselves and make us look and feel fantastic. It’s really easy to get a little home spa set up with so many home spa products on the market these day, it’s never been easier to bring a little spa luxury into our homes.


First of all put on some relaxing music and light some candles. Pour yourself a hot water soak and add your favourite essential oil and just sit back and enjoy the glorious feeling of your tired feet being soothed back to life. Whilst you’re at it, there’s really no reason that you shouldn’t go the whole hog and exfoliate the dead skin off your feet, clip your nails and complete your food spa with a pretty nail colour.


Using the same bowl (washed of course) you can fill it again with hot water and a beautiful scented essential oil, place a towel over your head and give yourself a fabulous pore opening facial steam. After 10 minutes, wash your face with cold water to refresh your skin and then give yourself an indulgent face pack. As you wait for the face pack to work its magic, why not use the same nail polish that you used on your toes to give yourself a manicure. Seeing your nails looking pretty and polished can give us all a little boost in the self-esteem stakes. With your beautiful feet, nails and skin you can now proudly walk into the next day feeling refreshed and fabulous.

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