No More TV: Fun And Educational Things To Do With Your Kids Instead

It’s so easy for the kids to just spend the weekend in front of the TV. In fact, more kids than ever are doing this during weekends. But there are so many reasons why hours in front of the TV set isn’t good for them. For one thing, it can stop them getting active which is vital for their health. And also, they are wasting time which they could be spending learning. Therefore, it’s time to turn the TV off and find something else for your kids to do. Here are some fun and educational things you can do with the kids from the comfort of your home.

Have fun doing crafts

It’s always a good idea to try and enhance your little one’s creative skills. After all, they can put the skills to good use when it comes to arts and crafts at school. And doing crafts can also help widen their imagination and let them make decisions. Therefore, rather than opting for the TV, you should do some crafts with the kids instead. Get some paper and pens out and let the kids get creative. And if you want to make something specific, you should decide at the beginning. For example, you might get the kids to make some Valentine’s Day cards to give to their friends at school. Or you could even get some plain pots which you could let your kids paint. Just don’t interfere too much so your kid can develop their creative skills!

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Do some gardening with your children

Gardening is a great thing to do with the kids. For one thing, they learn about how plant life works which they can put into use when they do science at school. And it’s also teaching them the importance of taking care of something. It can feel a huge achievement to your kids when they see the plant growing over time. Therefore, get outside with the kids and do some gardening in the fresh air. However, if it’s too cold to go outside, you could opt to grow some plants indoors. You can look into getting some great containers and some lights to ensure they develop properly. There are bundles of help online similar to to ensure you get the right things to grow the plants properly.


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Have a baking day with the kids

Another fun activity you can do with the kids is baking. After all, they love to cook some delicious baked goods which they can consume after. And it teaches them some baking skills that they can use at school and beyond. Decide on a basic recipe that you can get the kids to help you make. Give them a small role and then let them decorate the goods once they have come out of the oven. You can then all treat yourself to one after and celebrate your hard work!

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And don’t forget to encourage some reading with your kids. As it says on,

children are reading less than ever, preferring to opt for digital instead. But it’s important to spend some time reading books for the sake of their literacy and reading skills!

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