Pet Peeves About Moving Every Mom Can Relate To

Moving home can be a huge upheaval for anyone. But it can feel much more difficult when you have children to think about. It’s stressful as it is without worrying about logistics and what could go wrong. Which is plenty, for your information. However, at some point, we find ourselves in a situation where we have to move house. It’s life. Which is why I thought it would be good to share with you some of those pet hates I think every mom could relate to when it comes to moving home. Maybe it will prepare you for when the time comes for you.


moving day pet peeves

moving day pet peeves



Things taking too long


Children have no patience. Fact. So if you find yourself on moving day and things are just not happening you’re bound to hear about it. Obviously, at this stage, there could be a multitude of reasons why things aren’t happening. Funds may not be in place; questions may need answering on contracts. The likelihood is that whatever the hold up, it will be out of your hands and your control. As moms, we hate that. Moving day will never go as smoothly as you imagine. The best advice is to have something to hand to occupy the kids during this time. Keep a tablet charged and in easy reach. Things will start moving again.


Unreliable services


There is nothing more frustrating than being let down, or having unreliable services. Mostly this would include removal companies that you hire for the day. This may be the men not being as gentle with your items as you would be. Or being late and worst still not turning up at all. We like things in order, and to run like clockwork. The only thing you can do to avoid this happening on moving day is to make sure you do research. Enlisting the help of reliable moving companies. The last thing you want is a headache you could have avoided.


dads and moving

dads and moving



Dad’s not pulling their weight


Men! They can be frustrating as it is. But on the day you need your partner to come through, the chances are they are stressing about the television and their TV connection. It may not be every dad. But they just don’t seem to have the same priorities as us. We want to get in, make the home comfortable. We could be thinking about sleeping arrangements and food to eat before we even arrive at the new house. Priorities are different. Try and avoid any confrontation on the day and have a plan that the pair of you agree to stick to. The chances are you will get much more achieved.


Hunger striking


Finally, when things take a while, and perhaps your concentration is on the job in hand and nothing else, hunger can strike. At the worst possible time. Especially when it’s the children. All of a sudden they need food and they need at that precise moment. Most moms are always prepared with backup snacks to hand. However, think ahead for this busy day. Pack a box that could be your survival kit for when you arrive. Include things like ready made pasta or takeaway menus. The kettle and a good supply of coffee. You’ll be thankful of this when you get there.


I hope these pet hates perhaps prepare you a little more for when a moving day is looming.

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