Pet Talk: Which Animals Should Your Family Keep?

Most moms and dads would agree that keeping pets at home is a good idea. That is because children need to learn respect for animals from a young age. However, parents are often confused when it comes to selecting the right pals for their little ones. Today, I’m going to make some pet suggestions you might like to consider. I’ll cover the obvious ones first, and then move onto some ideas you might have overlooked. With a bit of luck, you’ll make the right decision after reading my advice. I’ve kept pets at home ever since I can remember and I believe they have improved my family’s life. Let’s see if they could do the same for you.




  • Dogs and cats



The most common pets on the planet, dogs and cats are an excellent addition to your family. You just need to work out which breeds are most suitable for your kids. It’s sensible to select well-behaved dogs if you have small children in the home. That is because they might annoy the animal and create a reaction. The last thing you want is to turn up at the hospital because your dog has bitten your child. German Shepherds are always popular because they are loyal and calm most of the time. Whatever you decide, make sure you try to get the animal from a rescue center. There are lots of dogs and cats in those places that need love and attention.





  • Chickens



Keeping chickens in your garden is a fantastic idea if you have enough space. They will help to teach your kids about the circle of life, and they’re fun creatures. You can either build their compound yourself or buy chicken coop kits from specialist retailers. Those animals need more room than most people imagine. So, make sure you research the subject and head outside with your tape measure before suggesting it to your kids. You don’t want to get them all excited if it turns out your backyard is too small. The best thing about keeping chickens? Free eggs!





  • Lizards or snakes



Many people keep reptilian creatures at home in vivariums. Running those contraptions will often increase your electricity bill. Still, they’re amazing animals, and they’re fascinating to watch. Of course, you need to remember that feeding lizards and snakes is a little different to most other pets. That is because they tend to eat live bugs or frozen mice. Your kids might find that a bit disturbing when you first bring the pet home. So, ask them how they feel about the idea in advance. That way they won’t die from shock when you reach into the freezer for Micky’s cryogenically frozen cousin.


There are lots of other animals you could keep as pets at home. However, the ones I mentioned in this post are by far the best. If you decide to get something more exotic, just make sure you perform a lot of research. You need to provide them with adequate living conditions because animal cruelty isn’t nice. Whatever you decide – do not purchase a monkey! They grow fast, and they often become aggressive in captivity. Still, you wouldn’t believe the number of people who seem to think it’s a good idea.

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